AI Making Ag Equipment Accessible to All Farmers

The emergence of AI and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies can address many challenges facing farmers today, including expanding access to mechanized equipment. Leveraging these innovations is crucial to enhancing productivity in agriculture to meet future demand.


The Trend Toward Equipment Versatility Is Projected to Continue: Here's Why

Dedicated machines used to be the staple in a farmer's machinery fleet, but this is shifting as the trend toward versatility brings changes to the table.

Bagged Silage: A Vital Tool for Feed Management

Cattlemen are increasingly turning to bagged silage for flexible feed management.

How to Improve Surveying Efficiency by Using Robots and Precision Positioning

Case Study - Civ Robotics Teams Up with Point One Navigation to make it much faster and more efficient to do pre-construction surveying.

Agricobots Drives Precision Farming with Outdoornav Autonomy Software

Agricobots' project aims to develop a specialized vineyard spraying robot known as VinyA st-4030. The robot is engineered to navigate demanding and dangerous landscapes characterized by steep slopes and potential slipperiness.

Cultivated Biosciences Secures $5 Million in Seed Funding to Bring Alternative Dairy Products Closer to Dairy

This significant financial injection will accelerate both the development of their yeast cream in collaboration with the food industry and preparation for the US market launch in 2025.

AgPlenus Achieves Milestone in Collaboration with Corteva to Develop Novel Herbicides

The milestone marks the successful identification of a new family of molecules exhibiting herbicidal effect through a novel Mode of Action (MoA), APCO-12, discovered by AgPlenus.

Freshouse Partners with Verdant Technologies to Introduce Iceless Broccoli Innovation

Adoption of HarvestHold Technology helps grower and its retail partners build a more sustainable and efficient supply chain for broccoli on the East Coast

Growing Matters' BeSure! Campaign Promotes Best-Stewardship Practices Ahead of 2024 Planting Season

Annual Campaign Encourages Growers and Applicators to Protect Pollinators and Other Wildlife During Planting

Lucent Bio Expands to the US, EU and LATAM: Meeting Rising Sustainable Agri-Food System Demands with Climate-Smart Crop Input Solutions

Lucent Bio and its products support increased food production without increasing the strain on natural resources. Unveils Source Irrigation Control Revolutionizing Irrigation for Growers with Autonomous Execution, the provider of AI solutions for fruit and vegetable growers, today launched Source Irrigation Control: an autonomous irrigation solution that intelligently adjusts irrigation strategy execution in response to changing weather conditions and plant data.

Robotic Evolution In Packaging Automation Delivers Greater Efficiency

Predominantly known for their automatic bagging equipment, Haley recently introduced the industry's first-known robotic pad inserter. The 6-axis robot places cardboard top pads in different-sized produce boxes.

igus® Launches iglide® i230 3D Printing Material for High-Temperature Applications

igus® announces its new iglide® i230 3D printing material for selective laser sintering (SLS). This new powder material can withstand temperatures up to 110°C, expanding the use cases for SLS-printed polymer components.

Croptimistic Releases Inaugural Sustainability Report

Croptimistic is a global ag tech company best known for their flagship product SWAT MAPS (Soil, Water and Topography Maps), which enable farmers to execute soil and crop practices with precision, in order to minimize environmental impacts, optimize production of food, and improve profitability.

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