Croptimistic Releases Inaugural Sustainability Report

Croptimistic is a global ag tech company best known for their flagship product SWAT MAPS (Soil, Water and Topography Maps), which enable farmers to execute soil and crop practices with precision, in order to minimize environmental impacts, optimize production of food, and improve profitability.

Photovolt Partners with Farmers to Support Sustainable Agriculture Through Solar Farm Projects

Farmers across the country are facing increasing challenges, from fluctuating market prices to climate change impacts. In response, Photovolt recognizes the potential of solar energy to provide farmers with diversified revenue streams while preserving the natural environment and their land.

e-con Systems™ launches New Rugged PoE HDR Camera with Cloud-Based Device Management for Superior Outdoor Imaging

Equipped with the Sony® STARVIS™ 2 IMX662 sensor and superior HDR capability, this Full HD Power over Ethernet (PoE) camera delivers exceptional image quality.


First Two Food Brands Achieve Soil & Climate Health Initiative Verification

Robotics Company Electric Sheep Debuts New Robot Powered by AI Working as an Autonomous Agent in Outdoor Environments

ESR Builds First Trimming, Edging and Blowing Robot to use AI and Large World Models to Work Alongside Landscape Crews

Cropin Secures B Corp™ Certification, Strengthening its Commitment to Sustainable Food Systems

The B Corp movement is a global movement of people using business as a Force for Good®.


-Introduced in 2022 with $50 million in funds, Chipotle is increasing its commitment to the Cultivate Next venture fund by an added $50 million -Cultivate Next will continue to pursue new investments in supply chain, agriculture, restaurant innovation, automation, and other areas that support Chipotle's mission to Cultivate a Better World -Chipotle has made additional investments in Local Line and Hyphen, both previously announced cohorts


After a period of trialling HarvestEye 2.0 units to better understand the possibilities of the system and gather customer feedback, Antti will now be responsible for distributorship of the HarvestEye 2.0 and HarvestEye Handheld systems to growers, packers and processors across Finland.

DigiKey Launches Season 3 of its "Farm Different" Video Series

Season 3 features three episodes that provide a look into the future of farming to determine what innovations will power the next generation of global food production.

Origin Agritech Announces Breakthrough in Corn Hybrid Development with Wild Corn Gene Integration

The integration of the wild corn gene marks the world's first instance of using genetics from wild corn-a type of grass-to enhance the performance of commercial corn hybrids. This innovative genetic modification has improved plant type and photosynthesis efficiency, enabling the hybrid to achieve higher yields by supporting increased plant density per acre.

New product introduced for regenerative ag operations, Evaness, addresses crop residue challenges, maximizes nutrient use

Evaness' unique blend of nutrients and enzymes increases cellulose-digesting microorganisms accelerating the breakdown of crop residues, assisting in nutrient cycling, and increasing the solubility and availability of the nutrients contained in the residue left in the field.

Indigo Ag Announces Record-Setting Third Carbon Crop

Industry leading carbon program grows as demand remains strong for registry-issued, high integrity carbon credits

AI Smart Farming Solutions Transforming Agriculture Industry in India

This blog is set on how clever farming with AI is converting farming in India for the better. It's making farming smarter, saving water and land, and helping farmers make extra cash.

Enel North America Partners with Arcus Power for Advanced Energy Management

Enel will integrate Arcus' Pwrstream tool into its demand response offering, improving energy management for corporations with large energy demands by decreasing energy spend and optimizing demand response participation. It will help these customers' bidding strategies, demand response activities, and operational efficiency during peak price periods and market volatility.

Rockwell Automation Partners with ISAP India Foundation to Modernize Dairy Farming in India

India has the world's largest bovine population and is a leader in milk production. However, it faces challenges such as low milk-yield per animal and insufficient quality of milk products. The decentralized structure of dairy farming in India and limited awareness about scientific veterinary practices among rural farmers contributes to these issues.

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igus® - Durable polymer components for heavy-duty applications

igus® - Durable polymer components for heavy-duty applications

e-chain® cable carriers and iglide® composite plain bearings are designed to withstand dirt, dust, and other extreme conditions and high loads, while operating maintenance-free and without external lubricants. They're especially suited for heavy-duty applications in the agricultural, mining, and construction industries.