Having recently gained their first client in the cannabis industry, Sollum® has now been selected by Innovagro, their first client in the hemp industry. Facing similar challenges and pressures as experienced with cannabis production, Innovagro has made the decision to switch from more conventional high-pressure sodium (HPS) and metal halide (MH) fixtures to dynamic LEDs to better control light spectrum and intensity.


With customers in skin products, cosmetics and therapeutic sectors, Innovagro is a testament to the versatility and diverse applications of hemp products. Based in Sainte-Sophie, Québec (Canada), Innovagro's greenhouses boast high-performance technology while operating with sustainability and ethical production as guiding values. In this context, the conversion to Sollum’s fully dynamic grow light solution from the company's current use of HPS and MH fixtures, which possess significant limitations, makes great sense.


"Our growers are up to date with the latest research and developments in the hemp sector and, as such, we know that switching to a dynamic LED lighting solution will allow us to better control the quality of our product," says Bruno Fettweis, CEO of Innovagro. "Sollum's fixtures allow us to apply a variety of light recipes and to change the spectrum and intensity of our greenhouse lights accurately over time. This is how it allows us to better match the needs of our crops at different growth stages; this level of control is impossible with our current lighting system."


“Hemp is one of the most valuable crops because we see it across so many different industries, from clothing, to paper, to food,” says Sam Soltaninejad, Chief Horticultural Specialist at Sollum Technologies. “Similarly, Sollum offers a versatile lighting solution that adapts to different growth objectives through a variety of light recipes and dynamic spectral compensation,” he continues. “We are very excited that Innovagro sees all the benefits our solution provides.”


About Sollum Technologies

Sollum Technologies designed the only 100% dynamic LED lighting solution that modulates the full spectrum of the Sun’s natural light to illuminate closed environments such as greenhouses, research centers and laboratories. Sollum's award-winning, turnkey solution consists of internet of things, AI-powered light fixtures that are controlled by Sollum's proprietary SUN as a Service® cloud platform. Sollum's distinctive proposition is a fully scalable cleantech solution that evolves with business needs and multi-zone light management, with each zone benefiting from automatic dimming of an unlimited number of light recipes; this is why it provides unparalleled value in terms of energy savings and, additionally for greenhouse growers, increased productivity and superior produce quality. Founded in 2015, the company is based in Montréal (Québec, Canada), where its design, development, and manufacturing activities are concentrated. For more information, visit sollum.tech.

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