Ag Technology Promoting Livestock Health

As the world advances in technology, almost every job has had to acclimate, including the livestock industry. Once an off-the-grid profession, agriculture is now fully immersed in what the Internet of Things (IoT) has to offer.


In the past, farming connections were challenging. Each farmer had their own farmhands, but they never really met up with other farmers to solve issues like animal disease, food spoilage, and swelling food demands. Now, that opportunity is present everywhere, but farmers are still wary of relying on technology.


The livestock industry is vital to society. To continue to meet consumer demands — whether it's the amount of food raised or sustainability and animal welfare — farmers must find ways to revolutionize their traditional methods. Animal welfare is at the top of those demands, and ag technology promoting livestock health is something that more farmers are investing in.


Ag Tech Has Become Indispensable for Farmers

Agricultural technology, otherwise known as ag-tech, is a growing industry, although a relatively new one. It applies advanced technology to farming. These modern technologies have increased yields for farmers and also make farms more efficient overall.


A wide variety of solutions to typical livestock problems provide farmers with a healthier herd and even take some farming methods back to their roots. As more prominent livestock industries take hold of agricultural technology, farmers realize that they will have to rely on these advancements to keep their farms running.


The livestock industry is expected to see growth in the use of IoT. From livestock monitoring to innovative treatments for animal illnesses, herds all around the world will become healthier.


What Is the “Connected Cow?”

Livestock incorporates more than just cattle, but the idea of the “connected cow” is that farm animals are increasingly being connected to technology and the internet. Those involved in livestock management must care for the animals, supervise farmhands, and do the brunt of the business work. It's a lot to handle, but technology has made it more accessible.


Managing livestock now is driven by data analysis. Cows and other animals are hooked up to sensors to monitor their health and their location. From one monitor, a farmer can receive notifications of any issues their animals may have.


Benefits of Incorporating Ag Tech With Livestock

The health of your animals is one of the most important considerations. Agricultural technology has made it possible to promote livestock health. Here are some of the benefits of incorporating ag-tech with livestock.


You Can Monitor Their Health

The possibilities seem endless with IoT technology. Sensors are attached to livestock to monitor a wealth of health concerns. These sensors send data like blood pressure, heart rate, digestion, and respiratory rate.


One of the most significant concerns among cattle in the summertime is heat stress. When cows are too hot, their milk production decreases, they don't eat enough, and their breeding patterns change. Cows can't always regulate their temperatures. However, ag-tech has made it possible to monitor temperatures so the issues related to heat stress can be diminished.


Without this technology, you may not be able to detect underlying conditions, resulting in a loss of livestock. You can even use this data to prevent other diseases.


You Can Track Their Location

Lost livestock means a loss of revenue for livestock managers. It's great to allow livestock to roam, but if one wanders off, it can be challenging to find it.


Location devices help track the location of your livestock. Sometimes, animals will wander off for health-related reasons. Once you find them, you can bring them back to health and make sure they don't wander again.


Also, you can better manage livestock grazing to ensure your pasture is healthy and your cattle are feeding properly.


You Can Measure Lactation and Fertility

Some IoT devices can measure the right time for lactation. Measurements such as the amount of milk produced and its speed can help farmers improve the cow's diet to increase lactation.


Additionally, IoT devices can help farmers know when an animal is fertile. They measure reproductive cycles, whether a cow is in heat, and even if a cow is giving birth.

Both of these are important for cattle health and for the industry as a whole. Farmers can make better decisions about when to milk cows and when they are healthy enough to reproduce.


Ag Tech Is the Future of Farming

As technology continues to advance in the livestock industry, animals' health will be better than ever. Farmers will experience more efficiency on their farms and better, healthier yields.

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