InSpire Transpiration Solutions Advances Energy Efficiency in Cannabis Cultivation with Sustainable Dehumidification System

InSpire Transpiration Solutions, an HVAC products and services provider in the controlled environment horticulture industry, is leading energy efficiency efforts in the cannabis cultivation space. The company has incorporated innovative sustainable dehumidification technology into its HVAC system designs. InSpire's patent-pending technology can help cultivators reduce heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) operating expenditures by as much as 30 to 50 percent. InSpire's Chief Technology Officer, Robbie Batts, presented on this technology and other best practices in HVAC on a panel last week at the Resource Innovation Institute's Indoor Agriculture Energy Solutions Conference

InSpire Transpiration Solutions

"Cannabis cultivation is an extremely energy intensive process, with primary energy demands coming from lighting and HVAC systems," said Adrian Giovenco, CEO of InSpire Transpiration Solutions. "Energy efficiency and sustainability are becoming increasingly important to cannabis businesses looking toward the future. At InSpire, our goal is to help our clients maximize profits and plan for future growth. Our holistic facility design approach coupled with our sustainable dehumidification technology has resulted in substantial energy savings for our clients - while driving product quality and maximizing biomass and chemotype expression."

Most commercial HVAC systems rely exclusively on a compressor, driven by an electric motor, to pressurize gas, exchange energy and reduce the temperature and humidity of the air in a given space. InSpire's sustainable dehumidification systems involve the use of a patent-pending multi coil water runaround loop to efficiently transfer energy before and after compressor-based dehumidification. The multi coil system reduces energy use and increases energy efficiency in two main ways:

  • Pre-Cooling: Cools the temperature of return air from the grow room to at or near the dew point prior to being dehumidified, without compressor energy
  • Free Reheat: Heats the temperature of the air after dehumidification without compressor or other new energy to bring it back to the grow room set point

This innovative technology allows cultivators to achieve superior environmental control with less compressor tonnage, resulting in substantial HVAC energy savings of up to 50 percent. InSpire executes additional efficient system design practices, such as targeted CO2 enrichment, microclimate mitigation via canopy airflow optimization, and cloud-based room control.

InSpire Transpiration Solutions designs fully integrated HVAC and dehumidification systems to meet the specific needs of each client. To learn more about InSpire, visit:

About InSpire Transpiration Solutions

InSpire Transpiration Solutions provides integrated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions for indoor and greenhouse horticulture. With over 25 years of combined experience and nearly a decade spent in the cannabis industry, InSpire is an equipment and controls manufacturer specializing in building large-scale and commercial grow room HVAC systems to deliver precise climate control throughout the entire cannabis supply chain. Combining a background in mechanical engineering and cannabis science, InSpire partners with clients to meet their specific goals through all phases of commercial controlled environment grow room construction, from design and build to ongoing cannabis facility maintenance. Based in San Francisco, InSpire works with clients throughout the United States and Canada to maximize revenue, optimize product quality and output, mitigate risk and reduce operating expenses. @inspire_transpiration

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