Natufia to feature the world's first fully-integrated and automated hydroponic kitchen garden at KBIS 2020

Luxury smart home appliance brand Natufia will be exhibiting at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas, Nevada, from Jan. 21 to 23 in booth SL1625. The company will feature the Natufia Kitchen Garden, which is the world's first fully-integrated and automated hydroponic kitchen garden.


The technology of the Kitchen Garden automatically maintains the perfect light, temperature, water and pH level to ensure optimal health for the plants. It also optimizes all minerals, nutrients and vitamins for the non-GMO leaves and flowers. Since it is controlled indoors, homeowners do not need to worry about pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. These are year-round, 24/7, kitchen-to-table ingredients without the concern of weather challenges or seasons.


"The Natufia Kitchen Garden goes beyond farm-to-fork and provides herbs and plants from kitchen-to-table," said Gregory Lu, Natufia co-founder. "Moreover, it reduces waste in the food supply chain and gives the homeowners year-round control over what they want to grow, regardless of climate or season. "


“With the combination of our robust technology and high-end design, you can now practice a sustainable lifestyle and eat healthy while minimizing your environmental impact through packaging, pollution, food miles, food waste and toxins,” said Lu.


The seeds are strictly non-GMO, certified both organic and Demeter—today's most strict certification for seeds. They come in individual, patented seedpods and can grow anything from basil to lemongrass. The unit simultaneously grows 32 plants in handmade ceramic cups. The watering is fully automated, cascading from the top, down to each cup. This ensures that each plant receives the necessary amount of water and nutrients, which are dissolved directly into the water. Each Kitchen Garden can produce enough plants and herbs to ensure two harvests a day.


Also, by connecting it to the Wi-Fi, owners can monitor and control the machine through the cloud. It even has three playlists to play music for the plants: classical, ambiance and nature sounds.


Additional benefits and features include:

  • Specially developed LED lights mimic nature and provide the optimal range of the light spectrum for plant growth.
  • Tinted glass so people can see their plants growing in real time.
  • Food-grade stainless steel for aesthetics and a clean environment for plants.
  • The unit can be integrated seamlessly into any high-end kitchen design, similar to other appliances.


Natufia was recently awarded Best in Category for "Socially Responsible Design" at the WestEdge Design Fair, and a Product Innovator Award 2019 from KBB Magazine. For more information about Natufia, please visit


About Natufia
After four years of substantive investments and efforts, Natufia Labs has become a leading research lab and a specialized manufacturer of high technology content hydroponic equipment specially designed for the greatest chefs who share Natufia’s vision about original taste, traceability, pesticides, GMOs, herbicides, and a responsibility toward the planet. For more information, please visit

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