Launches New feature, Livestock Manager, to Help Small Farms Improve Profitability

Orlando-based Agritech solutions company, FarmSol, announced today the availability of Livestock Manager, part of their flagship product Livestock Manger is a new product feature that, for the first time, gives small farmers an easy and affordable way to manage every aspect of their livestock production, including count, location, feed, weight, losses, expenses and harvest data. Livestock Manager offers farmers real-time financial analysis to help control expenses and improve profitability.


Livestock Manager is a key feature of, a cloud-based software solution designed to enable farmers to plan, manage, and sell their livestock with one simple, easy-to-use application. Perfect for family farms and larger-scale agri-businesses, eliminates the need for multiple spreadsheets and poorly integrated systems with this one fully integrated application. The result is greater financial visibility, greater efficiency, and greater profitability for small and medium sized livestock farms.

“Our family started Orlando Farms in 2014. We quickly learned that the business side of farming is just as challenging as farming itself,” said Jason Callison, co-creator of the FarmApp. “Finding your market and developing profitable products is a real struggle for any business, let alone farming. In addition to growing food, we started raising poultry for eggs and meat. It didn’t take us long to figure out that spreadsheets and poorly integrated systems weren't going to cut it. Having a 20-year career in tech, I was unable to find a livestock management solution that met my standards in features, design, and usability. That's when we decided to start developing a custom farm management software solution for our own use which became the” is an all-in-one command center for planning, managing, marketing, selling, and delivering farm products, and is specifically designed to overcome one of the biggest challenges faced by family farmers: accurate and easy-to-use record keeping. Developed and tested at FarmSol founders’ own personal farm, highlights real-time analytics that provide an easy-to-understand visual breakdown of profits and losses. currently features a suite of tightly-integrated features, including: 

  • Livestock Tracking: Regardless of the type of livestock, keeping track of essentials such as count, location, feed consumption, losses, and orders is challenging. Providing an easy-to-use solution is the core of the technology.
  • Inventory and Order Management: Closely-integrated with the livestock tracking feature, simplifies managing livestock orders and inventory. The integration of the features in the app saves time and creates seamless efficiency in farm record keeping.
  • Labor Tracking: Labor is a huge part of farming, and one of the most difficult to track and incorporate into product pricing. By integrating labor costs with livestock management, enables more accurate pricing for greater profitability.
  • Contact Management: Today’s farms are selling to a wide range of customers, such as farmer’s markets, CSAs, restaurants, wholesalers, and even direct to consumers. helps manage these contacts—including current accounts and prospective customers—more efficiently.


Available for a single user or for multiple users, can be set up in just a few minutes and is designed to be both powerful and user-friendly. FarmSol is working on additional features such as crop management, task management, delivery management, and payment processing. is currently available as a monthly subscription, with a launch special on all plans of only $5/month when paid quarterly and $7.50 when paid monthly. There are two plan options: Basic, starting at $5/month, and Premium, starting at $22.50/month. Farmers who take advantage of the launch special will receive the Premium plan at the special rate of $5 or $7.50 per month, depending on payment plan selected. All plans come with a 14-day money back guarantee. For more information on purchasing a subscription, visit the website at is an integrated, easy-to-use solution to some of the most common challenges associated with running a family farm. FarmSol is dedicated to the success of the American farmer, and guided by the simple principle of making the business of farming more manageable, and therefore more profitable, for farmers everywhere.

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