Nature's Miracle Announces Agreement to Distribute Gro-Med Substrate Products

Nature's Miracle Authorized as Exclusive U.S. Distributor of Gro-Med's Line of Coco Coir Substrate Products

Nature's Miracle Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: NMHI) ("Nature's Miracle" or the "Company"), a leader in vertical farming technology and infrastructure, today announced that it has signed an agreement with Vaighai Agro Products Ltd. ("Vaighai") to distribute its Gro-Med Line of Coco Coir Substrate products in the U.S. Vaighai Inc, a subsidiary of Vaighai Agro Products Limited, India, brings over 40 years of expertise in agro-industry to its position as a world leader in manufacturing and exporting coco coir substrates. Gro-Med, a select brand of Vaighai Inc, specializes in eco-friendly coco coir growing medium products. With this agreement, Nature's Miracle is allocated exclusive distribution of Vaighai's Gro-Med products within the U.S. effective immediately.

Management Comments

James Li, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Nature's Miracle, commented, "We are thrilled to become an authorized U.S. distributor of Gro-Med's products as we increase the brands of substrate product offered by Nature Miracle to include a range of premium coco products. Working with Gro-Med's product line benefits our U.S. customers with access to its responsibly sourced and sustainability focused options that meet the needs of our customers from construction to cultivation of a complete controlled environment."

Mr. Li added, "Since our public listing in March, we've made significant progress in expanding Nature's Miracle's business with a wide range of agreements covering substrate products, grow lights and the launch of our efinity dehumidifier in late May. We continue to focus on making strides as a fully integrated provider of comprehensive vertical farms."

About Nature's Miracle Holdings Inc.

Nature's Miracle ( is a growing agriculture technology company providing equipment and services to growers in the Controlled Environment Agriculture ("CEA") industry which also include vertical farming in North America. Nature's Miracle offers hardware to design, build and operate various indoor growing settings including greenhouse and indoor-growing spaces. Nature's Miracle, through its two wholly-owned subsidiaries (Visiontech Group, Inc. and Hydroman, Inc.), provides grow lights as well as other hydroponic products to hundreds of indoor growers in North America. Nature's Miracle has also developed a robust pipeline to build commercial-scale greenhouse in the U.S. and Canada to meet the growing needs of fresh and local vegetable products. Nature's Miracle has established its first manufacturing footprint in North America with its grow-light assembly plant in Manitoba, Canada and is expected to set up additional manufacturing/assembly facilities in North America.

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