Unlocking Efficiency: NORD Introduces Gear Motor QR Codes for Faster Access to Product Information

The QR codes enable users to quickly access product specifications, documentation, and request services for their specific unit.

If you've recently purchased a NORD DRIVESYSTEMS gear motor, you may have noticed a new sticker with a QR code located on the unit. Quick Response (QR) codes can store a wide range of data and enable the user to access information almost instantly. These stickers are a new development in NORD's expansive digital services and provide users quick access to product specifications, documentation, and service requests on-the-spot via their mobile device. The codes can be scanned using a photo app or QR code app and will bring the user to NORD's digital service webpage with their respective country's language and contacts.

NORD's existing digital services include the Documentation Center, a resource for product-specific manuals and literature, the Spare Parts Shop for fast online ordering of stock components and replacement parts, and the myNORD Customer Portal, a comprehensive tool that allows users to select and configure their NORD drive systems online. The QR codes extend these services with a defined service request contact form, as well as the ability to easily contact local sales and service departments. When a unit's code is scanned, the form will automatically populate with the specified unit's equipment/serial number and the proper documentation including spare parts list, manuals, Declaration of Conformity (DoC), 2D/3D drawings. Order details can also be accessed, saving time and ensuring the correct unit information is being referenced.

QR code stickers are now in use at NORD USA's four facilities in Waunakee, Wisconsin, Corona, California, Charlotte, North Carolina, and McKinney, Texas. On all gear motors and solo motors, the sticker is located on the motor cooling fin near the nameplate or on the terminal box if the motor is smaller than case Size 80. For gear units only, the sticker is located under the nameplate and for units with variable frequency drives, the sticker is located underneath the nameplate.

Additional updates are planned to expand the functionality of these QR codes to make them even more resourceful, including notifications to inform customers of digital updates for variable frequency drives via the digital services page.

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