Sealing System launches: XIO – Intelligent Farming

Intelligent logistics solutions for insect protein production.

XIO - Intelligent Farming, specializes in logistics systems for insect protein production. XIO is a new business unit within Sealing System A/S, one of the leading providers of automated end-of-line packaging lines in Scandinavia.

"At Sealing System A/S, we believe that practical innovation is the engine of real-world change. With the establishment of, XIO - Intelligent Farming, we are setting new industry standards, emphasizing the importance of intralogistics in the field of insect protein production, and proudly leading the way." Ole Jensen CEO, Sealing System A/S

XIO - Intelligent Farming provides solutions serving various aspects of the insect production, including fully automatic logistics systems, comprehensive data tracking, transfer trolleys and shuttles, as well as robot systems and customized robot tools. XIO's solutions range from individual logistics solutions installed directly at the farmer's location, pilot plants, to industrial insect factories. XIO's technology and automation enables the scaling up of insect protein production.

Intralogistics processes are an extremely important part of insect production, and XIO utilizes advanced technology and data tracking to optimize the rearing process. By implementing meticulous data tracking, efficiency can be optimized, enabling the handling of tonnes of larvae daily. Black Soldier Fly and Larvae (BSF & BSFL) are commonly used in insect production because they grow very fast, scaling from 1 kg of eggs to 4000 kg of larvae in just 12 days. This rapid and substantial production of insect protein makes it vital to have solid and dependable transportation and logistics systems in place.

ENORM Biofactory is Northern Europe's first large-scale commercial insect factory. With a projected production capacity of over 10,000 tonnes of insect meal annually, this facility is set to significantly enhance the scope and scalability of the industry. Sealing System and XIO - Intelligent Farming have developed the logistics solution for the pilot plant and for the large-scale factory.

ENORM Biofactory breeds Black Soldier Fly Larvae in their production. 25 kg of eggs can be converted into an astonishing 100 tonnes of larvae in just 12 days showcases the efficiency of this insect protein source. Moreover, this process requires low energy, space, and water consumption per grams of protein.

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