Biolevel Expands Distribution of its Ag Bionutrition Platform with My Yield

My Yield offers nationwide distribution of customized seed treatment systems that empower farmers to maximize ROI

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla., and OELWEIN, Iowa, April 11, 2024 — Biolevel and My Yield announced today that My Yield will distribute Biolevel bionutrition products for use in My Yield's customized treatment solutions. The partnership expands the availability of Biolevel products to farmers and seed dealers across the U.S.

"Following four years of North American trials and the full commercial North American launch of our product platform in February, we are proud to work with My Yield as a recognized leader in customized seed treatment application and solutions," said Laurence Berman, Biolevel founder and chairman. "My Yield's focus on the safe handling and accurate application of seed treatments to ensure the best performance for the grower makes them a great partner for Biolevel."

My Yield collaborates with farmers and seed dealers across the United States to deploy comprehensive, customizable seed treatment solutions to improve the grower's ROI.

Biolevel PhosN for soybeans and MaizeNP for corn cycle nutrients in the soil to supply more balanced nutrition to crops by fixing nitrogen and releasing phosphorous, potassium and micronutrients. Their products were launched in North America following more than 20 years of selective breeding of native, beneficial strains of microbes and commercialization in Europe and Africa. Their multistrain bionutrition products have been formulated to synergistically provide superior stress tolerance to environmental, agronomic and logistical stresses.

"After thoroughly evaluating multiyear, multilocation performance trials of Biolevel products as well as running our own field trials, we are excited to now offer Biolevel to our growers and dealers," said Charlie McKenna, My Yield director of sales. "My Yield is focused on making seed treatment as profitable as possible for the grower. The Biolevel team has developed a strong portfolio for improving nutrient availability that helps our growers get the most out of their soils, which is directly aligned with our mission here."

Biolevel products have been productized for convenience. Both PhosN and MaizeNP are available as a liquid seed treatment or soluble powder. MaizeNP is also offered as a planter box treatment. The products contain ultrahigh concentrations of microbes, have a two-year shelf life, and do not require refrigeration or additional fermentation. Their liquid seed treatments have a three-month shelf life on the seed.

For more information on Biolevel products, go to or contact your local My Yield representative. More information on My Yield can be found at

About Biolevel
Biolevel Ltd. is a global company dedicated to developing and delivering a new generation of biological nutrition products that support the real-world practices of farmers around the globe. The company's products were commercialized following more than 20 years of R&D and on-farm trials in Europe, North America and Africa. Biolevel was founded by Laurence Berman, Ian Robertson and Lutz Glandorf when they identified a need for more consistent and convenient bionutrition products that could better withstand the variety of harsh conditions farmers face in the storage, application and use of biological products. The company employs proprietary techniques to design, breed, formulate and productize its products to help farmers start their winning streak with bionutrition products. Biolevel plans to expand the application and distribution of its products to other crops, including cereals, canola, sunflower, potatoes, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables.

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