Signode Adapts to Evolving Dairy Industry Trends with EndraTM Horizontal Strapping System

Adding Flexibility and Load Stability to End-of-Line Packaging Process

Tampa, FL (April 2, 2024) - As the dairy industry evolves into a thriving market brimming with diverse options and alternatives, manufacturers are encountering new challenges in the transit packaging process - from upholding stringent food safety standards to adjusting workflows to accommodate expanding product lines, all while keeping costs in line.

With over a century of experience developing innovative end-of-line transit packaging solutions, the Signode portfolio includes automation solutions, strapping and stretch wrapping systems, case packaging equipment, and protective packaging products. While these solutions cater to a wide array of industries, it's the Endra Horizontal Strapping System that has specifically emerged as an effective solution for the common challenges facing today's dairy manufacturers.

"Strapping systems can be a great solution for packaging temperature-sensitive products," says Andy Thibodeau, Container Equipment Manager for Signode. "In addition to load breathability, which is essential for maintaining cold temperatures in transit, the Endra Horizontal Strapping System provides the load stability needed to protect product value upstream."

Easily integrated into most production lines and boasting a compact footprint, this versatile solution offers customizable strap tension options to accommodate mixed product lines, from softer boxed items to crates and large barrels. Requiring just two or three straps to sufficiently stabilize pallets of dairy products, this horizontal strapping system can significantly reduce consumable costs and material waste. Shorter strapping cycle times and fewer strap coil changes enable high-speed processing while still handling products gently, meeting most dairy manufacturers' needs for reliable transport and retail-ready products.

Signode specialists deeply understand how the intricacies of the dairy industry impact end-of-line manufacturing processes, offering tailored solutions based on in-depth needs analyses. From application testing and design in the Packaging Lab to installation and proactive maintenance via Packaging Plus Reliability Services, Signode facilitates seamless integration that enhances overall operational efficiency.

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