Aqua-Yield® and WestLink Ag Solidify Agreement to Bring Company's Full-range of Products to the Storefront

WestLink Ag will offer nanoparticle-based products to customers in 42 locations

In a move to make its entire line of nanoparticle-based products more readily available to farmers nationwide, Aqua-Yield® has partnered with WestLink Ag Group to distribute all company products through the WestLink's 42 retail outlets.

Clark T Bell, Aqua-Yield co-founder and CEO says the move represents an expansion of product sales opportunities. "We have been selling our product through farm dealers, independent retailers and co-ops since we launched our product in 2018," he says. "That will continue; but now there is this very exciting transition as we begin to work with corporate co-ops and well-established companies like WestLinkg Ag Group. WestLink is a member-driven ag buying group, and as we better understood their network of outlets, it was obvious we needed to create this alliance and get our entire product line or nanotechnology closer to farmers across the nation."

Aqua-Yield was the first company in the world to implement use of nanoparticles in the ag sector. This latest move will result in an expansion of product availability for Aqua-Yield in efforts to partner with ag retailers. The WestLink Ag partnership is the largest retail agreement for Nano-Yield in the continental United States and automatically lends credibility to the wide range of nanotechnology products.

In its 10th year, Aqua-Yield's line of nano-based products have proven to improve crop protection performance, nutrient uptake and overall crop yield. To complement its traditional nano-liquid® line, in November of last year, the company added Nanocote™,

a patented nanoparticle technology which improves the delivery of macro and micronutrients in dry fertilizers through a unique and flexible coating technology.

Aqua-Yield products will be available immediately to all WestLink Ag Group outlets.

About Nano-Yield™:

Founded in 2014, the Nano-Yield™ company is a pioneering force in the world of nanotechnology, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible at the nanoscale. As a leading innovator in the field, Nano-Yield leverages cutting-edge research and groundbreaking nano solutions to create a profound impact in the agriculture and turf industries. With a commitment to precision, quality, and sustainable advancements, Nano-Yield strives to bring their patented nanotechnology to growers worldwide. For the latest information about Nano-Yield and their transformative work, please visit their official website at

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