MyEasyFarm makes Precision Farming accessible to everyone with its new MyEasyFarm Starter offer

MyEasyFarm introduces you to Precision Farming with a new offer for €50 a year.

Make your first steps in precision farming!

MyEasyFarm, the leading AgTech startup in Precision Agriculture and Regenerative Agriculture, announces the release of "MyEasyFarm Starter" with an annual subscription of €50, a "light" version of its Precision Agriculture solution already used by more than 1,500 farmers.
It is clear that the adoption of precision agriculture is still slow, despite the promise of reducing the amounts of inputs used, for improved or better-quality yield per hectare. Therefore, MyEasyFarm has focused on this issue to offer a more accessible solution for those who wish to gently start in precision agriculture.
Specifically, MyEasyFarm Starter allows a farmer to create his farm and plots manually, from his plot management software or by importing his Telepac file.
He can also create his equipment park (tractors, tools, combine harvester).
He immediately has access to local weather, but can also connect to his Weenat or Sencrop weather apps.
He visualizes his field tour to follow the growth of his crops thanks to the NDVI Satellite maps accessible on all his plots.
He can import his input modulation maps or create them himself from Satellite maps or his yield maps and integrate them into interventions that immediately appear in his integrated mobile application.

Thus, he can manually modulate his inputs from the tractor in the plots based on the indications of the mobile application and also document his interventions directly. Once back at the farm, the reports of his interventions are available, and he can analyze the costs and time spent for each technical route. "There is no need for last-generation connected agricultural equipment or even a console to get started in Precision Agriculture," says Thomas Sallé, Product Manager at MyEasyFarm.
A farmer can hope to reduce his fertilizer quantities by 5% or increase his yield by a few quintals per hectare using MyEasyFarm Starter. A good way to take the first steps in Precision Agriculture before moving on to a more comprehensive approach with the Farmer version of MyEasyFarm and data exchange with more than 50 agricultural equipment consoles, thanks to its ISOBUS certification.

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