INSONGREEN to Boost Hydroponic and Vertical Greenhouse Operations in Middle East and Africa by 2024

INSONGREEN announces a major expansion of its hydroponic and vertical greenhouse production in the Middle East and Africa by 2024 to address regional challenges of water scarcity and food security, leveraging advanced agricultural technologies for sustainable development.

INSONGREEN, an innovator leading the global agricultural technology sector, today unveiled plans to significantly enhance its hydroponic and vertical greenhouse operations across the Middle East and Africa in 2024. This strategic expansion aims to tackle the pressing challenges of water scarcity, limited cultivable land, and a high reliance on food imports in these regions, thus fostering the modernization and sustainability of local agriculture.

Given the Middle East and Africa's acute challenges, including water scarcity, scarce arable land, and a heavy dependence on imported food, vertical and hydroponic farming presents immense growth opportunities. The market for vertical farming in these areas anticipates substantial growth in the near future, driven by efficient utilization of water and space alongside governmental investments in agricultural innovation and the pursuit of food self-sufficiency.

John, the market manager at INSONGREEN, remarked, "Embracing our role as a long-term strategic ally of Africa and the Middle East, we aim to capitalize on China's wealth of experience in greenhouse farming. Our initiative involves deploying advanced commercial greenhouse resources from Southwest China to craft tailor-made solutions for the Middle East and Africa's unique environmental and agricultural challenges, offering hydroponic greenhouse systems with excellent value for money. Our mission is to assist agricultural entities and governments in the Middle East and Africa in reducing their food import dependency, thereby bolstering food security and autonomy."


Since its inception in 2017, INSONGREEN has globally achieved the production and installation of over 10 million square meters of greenhouses and sheds, positioning itself as a frontrunner in the greenhouse and agricultural netting sectors. The company boasts a portfolio of over 20 greenhouse varieties, catering to a diverse range of customer needs. With modern production facilities spanning over 10,000 square meters and equipped with automated production lines, INSONGREEN guarantees products that blend quality with cost-efficiency. Furthermore, the company's skilled technical team offers bespoke greenhouse design, manufacturing, and comprehensive installation guidance services worldwide, aiming at cost savings and timely execution of projects.

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