NORD Exhibits Rugged, Reliable Solutions at GEAPS EXCHANGE

NORD’s modular product line includes industrial gear units with output torques up to 2,495,900 lb-in, electric motors with explosion protection, and an innovative, compact screw conveyor package.

The 2024 GEAPS Exchange will be open February 24 - 28 in Kansas City, MO and is the best place to see the latest innovative grain industry solutions from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS. Flexible drive solutions are required throughout the grain sector to power the different systems as well as transport the products from one processing stage to the next. NORD's highly configurable modular product system provides robust, low-maintenance drive solutions adaptable to a variety of applications including drag conveyors, belt conveyors, rotary valves, screw conveyors, bucket elevators, and more. Their efficient drive systems deliver a long service life and reliable, continuous operation to safeguard end-product quality.

Visit NORD at GEAPS Booth 2717 to learn more about these specialized solutions:

MAXXDRIVE® Industrial Gear Units
MAXXDRIVE industrial gear units deliver output torques up to 2,495,900 lb-in and are an ideal heavy-duty solution for applications such as bucket elevators, agitators, mixers, mills, drums, or crushers. Available in right-angle and parallel designs, MAXXDRIVE units feature high quality, low friction bearings and a robust one-piece housing to ensure significant load capacity, long service life, and quiet operation. Extensive input options, mounting designs, and cooling options are additionally configurable to meet application requirements.

In addition to standard MAXXDRIVE options, NORD also offers a grain endurance package specialized for the grain industry. This package is a combination of several protective measures that extend the operating life of the unit and ensures it will withstand the challenging grain environment. The 5 main components of the package include a drying agent filter, oil sampling point, quick fit filter trolley connection, oil inspection glass, and an additional quick fit filter trolley connection with an oil drain cock.

MAXXDRIVE® XT Industrial Gear Units
MAXXDRIVE XT industrial gear units are a two-stage, right-angle gear unit optimized to achieve maximum thermal capacity with their unique housing geometry. A strongly ribbed design in combination with an axial fan and air guide covers enhances airflow to prevent the unit from overheating at maximum power. The right-angle design also enables a symmetrical configuration for mirror image installations, significantly reducing spare parts costs and downtime.

UNICASE Helical Bevel Gear Units (high permissible radial forces for drag conveyors)
UNICASE helical bevel gear units are a robust solution engineered with a cast iron UNICASE housing, infinite life gearing, and high permissible radial force ideal for drag conveyors. These units are highly versatile and feature extensive configurable options to adapt to specific application requirements. Available options include foot, flange, or shaft mounting, solid, hollow, or keyless bore designs with additional shrink disc and GRIPMAXXTM options, and various bearings including heavy duty and spread bearing with flange mount.

Screw Conveyor Package
The Screw Conveyor Package from NORD is a compact, cost-effective solution for UNICASE parallel shaft gear units and UNICASE helical bevel gear units in screw conveyor applications. Unlike traditional drives, NORD's design features a directly coupled gear motor or NEMA C-face input, eliminating the need for top motor mounts, pulleys, belts, and guards. Not only does this design minimize parts for easier system maintenance, it also increases reliability, drive performance, and safety. The drive solution features standard CEMA flange mounting with multiple bolt patterns available, 2- or 3-hole tapered CEMA drive shaft with a quick external removal feature, and an optimized QUADRILIPTM sealing system to protect the internal gearing from unwanted debris.

Electric Motors
NORD's line of synchronous and asynchronous motors are designed to perform efficiently and safely even in harsh conditions or where extremely heavy loads are moved. As many grain applications include finely ground raw materials, the atmosphere throughout plants can often be permeated with dust particles, requiring the drive solutions to be explosion proof. NORD offers explosion protected motors up to 30 hp for dust and gas environments in Class I, Division 2 (groups A, B, C, D) and Class II, Division 2 (groups F, G). A variety of motor options are additionally available including IP66 protection, backstops, encoders, temperature sensors, canopy drip covers, and more.

Learn more about these specialized grain industry drive solutions by visiting NORD at GEAPS Exchange Booth 2717 or

Featured Product

igus® - Avoid corrosion & reduce wear with plastic parts

igus® - Avoid corrosion & reduce wear with plastic parts

Heavy-duty applications require components that can withstand harsh conditions, exposure to dirt and dust, high loads, and more. Heavy-duty bearings and cable carriers from igus® meet these requirements while eliminating the need for external lubricants. igus' cable carriers offer a superior solution to cable management than festoons or cable reels, and igus' plain bearings can withstand high edge loads and surface pressures of up to 36,260 psi.