BKT showcasing again at the National Farm Machinery Show

A vast selection of BKT farming tires is going to be displayed at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville from February 14 to 17, 2024. Innovative solutions and a great deal of promotional giveaways available for visitors at the BKT booth.

Louisville (KY), February 7, 2024 - BKT, the leading Off-Highway tire manufacturer, is ready for the National Farm Machinery Show taking place at the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville from February 14-17, 2024. With its over 1.2 million square feet of exhibition space, it is the largest indoor farming show in the country: a must-see event for all operators in agriculture, who will be able to discover the latest advancements in technology and products or take part in free seminars led by experts from the agricultural world.

As with every year, the four-day show is going to host innovative agricultural products and solutions - among these are BKT tires, which have always been synonymous with cutting-edge technology and performance. At booth 6407 (South Wing), trade show visitors will be able to experience a vast selection of BKT's innovative agricultural tires firsthand. But that is not all. There will also be a rich array of BKT-branded giveaways for all farming enthusiasts such as key chains, baseball caps, calendars, footballs, and more.

Among the BKT highlights, three tires from the AGRIMAX range will be on display: AGRIMAX RT 765, a tractor tire that is suitable for heavy-duty applications such as soil tillage, field and road transport, harvesting, and spraying; AGRIMAX RT 855, providing excellent traction and comfort, has been designed for soil tillage and transportation both in the fields and on the road. The two tires are distinguished by excellent self-cleaning qualities. AGRIMAX SPARGO, on the other hand, has been tailored for row-crop applications. It increases field productivity while preserving the soil in the long term.

Also showcased is AW 711, a radial tire for farming implements, which has been specifically designed for modern agricultural techniques. Its low rolling resistance during road travel ensures significant fuel savings. TR 135, again for tractors, provides top performance in terms of traction, self-cleaning and load capacity. Rounding out BKT's agricultural solutions is RIB 713, a steel-belted tire for farming implements featuring IF technology, which enables the tire to carry heavier loads at lower inflation pressures; the tire has a wider footprint for even weight distribution.

Last but not least, SKID POWER, a BKT industrial that is ideal on earthy surfaces, will be displayed.

As usual, BKT is ready to amaze visitors by providing solutions that cater to all kinds of needs and requirements - in line with our ever-changing world. We look forward to seeing you at the National Farm Machinery Show, February 14-17, 2024, at booth 6407 (South Wing).

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