Ecorobotix’s ARA Smart Sprayer to Show at World Ag Expo 2024 (Stand G24)

The First and Only Ultra-High Precision Smart Sprayer – Made with Artificial Intelligence

In mid-2023, Ecorobotix, a pioneering Swiss agtech and artificial intelligence (AI) software company, introduced its groundbreaking ARA sprayer to the US market. This unique sprayer has sparked immense interest among farmers nationwide, to say the least. The company's rapid growth has surpassed expectations, with sales exceeding projections, underscoring the significant demand and interest for ARA in the US market. ARA's cutting-edge technology, boasting the innovative UHP-Sprayer™ and Plant-by-Plant™ AI-based software solution, is poised to revolutionize agriculture by greatly reducing the usage of plant protection products, cutting back the environmental footprint of traditional agriculture. Catering to a wide array of crops—from sugar beets to lettuce and spinach, onions and more— ARA leverages its unique algorithms and different spray techniques.

ARA was launched in 2021 by Ecorobotix in Switzerland and has exponentially grown its success in 13 European countries and most recently expanded geographically to Canada, South America, the UK, and the USA.

What makes ARA unique?

ARA stands apart from its competition due to its unique combination of Ecorobotix's advanced UHP-Spray-Technology™ and the AI-driven Plant-by-Plant™ software. In less than 250 milliseconds, this dynamic system "scans" the field, captures real-time imagery, identifies the specified crops, or weeds the farmer has chosen to treat, and executes a remarkably precise spray precision of 2.4 by 2.4 inches, all while minimizing drift.

ARA's primary function currently focuses on targeted herbicide application, showcasing reduced phytotoxicity and enhanced overall crop yields. This translates to substantial profit increases for farmers while reducing herbicide volumes by an impressive 70-95%. Beyond herbicides, ARA's versatility extends to the application of liquid fertilizers, growth treatments, insecticides, and fungicides, making its combination of precision & versatility unique in the market.

First steps in America

Ecorobotix's expansion into the US market was marked by the establishment of its US branch, Ecorobotix Inc., late last year, and its membership in the esteemed Western Growers Association (WGA) in California. The ARA was officially on display for the first time in the US at the 2023 Farm Tech Days, Farm Progress Show, and FIRA USA. Ecorobotix is excited to make its next appearance at the World Ag Expo in Tulare, California this February (stand G24).

US farmers can place their orders by contacting Ecorobotix Inc. is currently in the process of recruitment and interested individuals can contact for more information.

Ecorobotix, a Swiss Certified B Corporation®, was established with a transformative vision to revolutionize agriculture by prioritizing environmental preservation through the reduction of chemical and energy usage, as well as minimizing soil impact. Ecorobotix developed its ARA smart sprayer which combines both Ecorobotix's AI Plant-by-Plant™ software and UHP-Spray-Technology™, together providing an innovative solution that operates at a plant-by-plant level, delivering unparalleled precision in crop treatment. ARA achieves remarkable reductions in input costs while simultaneously boosting crop yields and substantially curtailing CO2 emissions.

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