Learn More About WEED-IT at Your Local Tradeshow

Come learn more about WEED-IT at the Colorado Farm Show and KMOT next week!

WEED-IT is the leading choice among farmers for precision spraying. Retrofits to any type or brand of sprayer in multiple industries, 3 operational modes, full PWM capabilities, ISO integration, operational speeds up to 15mph, 99% accurate in all ambient light, and is autonomous compatible. Learn more about how WEED-IT can save you up to 90% on your herbicide costs by visiting our booth at the Colorado Farm Show in Greely, CO January 23-25 in the Exhibition Building booth #28. We will also be at KMOT in Minot, ND January 24-26 in the Mosaic Hall booth #781. We hope to meet you next week!

Featured Product

X-Rail: reliability and resistance to environmental impurities

X-Rail: reliability and resistance to environmental impurities

Rollon's X-Rail linear rails are a reliable solution in environments susceptible to impurities. Equipped with rolling elements with shaped and flat raceways, they are available in several versions: galvanized, nitrided or stainless-steel sheet metal. The latter version ensures total corrosion resistance, which is critical for hostile environments such as those found in vertical farming. Particularly innovative is the T + U configuration of the X-Rail linear rails, which can compensate for the parallelism errors of mounting surfaces. This simplifies installation and reduces costs.