Stereolabs and Syslogic Team Up to Advance Robotic Applications that Can Withstand Outdoor Conditions

Companies combine stereo vision-based sensing capabilities and rugged AI embedded systems to power cutting-edge autonomous solutions

Today, Stereolabs, a pioneer in vision-based sensing technology, and Syslogic, a leading provider of rugged AI embedded computers, announced their partnership to power advanced autonomous robotics solutions - driven by enhanced sensing capabilities - for industries that operate in harsh outdoor conditions.

Stereolabs is the industry leader in stereo vision hardware and software, unlocking advanced depth sensing and perception solutions for a wide range of applications and industries. This partnership combines the company's technology with Syslogic's durable and powerful hardware - including industrial computers and AI embedded systems - designed specifically to endure unpredictable environments for agriculture, railway, and construction machinery, as well as mobile robotics.

This collaboration will allow Stereolabs to leverage Syslogic's computing power to enable advanced 3D vision and spatial understanding in harsh environmental conditions. Ultimately, the combination of these cutting-edge technologies will drive advances in automation and precision.

"We're thrilled to work with Syslogic to offer new autonomous robotics solutions, helping industries that need durable, powerful hardware," said Cecile Schmollgruber, CEO and co-founder of Stereolabs. "We believe that robotics is the future of safe and efficient farming, construction, and beyond. By combining our precise sensing capabilities with their computing solutions that are tailor-made for outdoor conditions, we're ushering in that future today."

Syslogic's rugged computers are exceptionally durable and reliable. They are specifically designed for use in vehicles or mobile robots. They can be coupled with sensors such as LiDAR or radar, connected to the vehicle via CAN and offer multi-band GNSS with RTK. Combined with the Stereolabs camera, Syslogic is the ideal hardware platform for computer vision applications in industrial and mobile robots.

"The coupling of our AI embedded systems - which are specifically designed to endure harsh outdoor conditions - with Stereolabs' sensing hardware and software allows for significant strides for autonomous technology," said Raphael Binder, CEO of Syslogic. "Syslogic's computing power allows Stereolabs to create a continuous and seamless all-around view of the environment, all while remaining resistant to shock, vibration, moisture, and dust. In industries with countless factors to consider, these capabilities are a must-have."

This news builds on previous collaborations between Stereolabs and Syslogic, including their work on Stereolabs' ZED X industrial-grade AI stereo camera, which leverages Syslogic's AI rugged computers to operate in all manner of weather and terrain. To learn more about Stereolabs and Syslogic, visit their websites here and here.

About Stereolabs

Stereolabs is the leading provider of 3D depth and motion sensing solutions based on stereo vision and artificial intelligence. From robots to drones and tractors, Stereolabs empowers machines with the ability to see and understand. We enable developers across multiple industries to create truly intelligent machines and applications that improve our daily lives.

About Syslogic

Syslogic is a leading tech company in the AI embedded industry and is pioneering digitalization. Syslogic's AI embedded computers are the hardware base for making tomorrow's trends reality and to tackle fundamental challenges of our time. Syslogic develops and manufactures its own AI embedded computers in Europe. The tried and tested hardware is based on processor technology by NVIDIA and Intel. The systems are used all over the world in applications that require particularly robust and durable devices. Applications include railway, agriculture, construction machinery, smart city, special-purpose vehicles, and mobile robots.

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