Trimble Introduces Connected Data Management License for Trimble Agriculture Display Users

New license enables farmers to achieve full connectivity without the hassle - saving time, creating efficiencies and optimizing production

WESTMINSTER, Colo., Nov. 17, 2023 —Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) today announced the Trimble Ag Software-Data user license, offering seamless web and mobile connectivity for Trimble display users. This solution empowers farmers to efficiently manage their precision agricultural data. This user-friendly system bridges the gap between the field and the Trimble Agriculture Cloud, facilitating the collection, standardization, visualization and utilization of data from Trimble and third-party sources. Farmers can harness this data within Trimble's own applications or integrate it into third-party environments using Trimble APIs. This approach enables farmers to unlock the full potential of their data, either independently or through collaboration with business partners, resulting in significant time savings throughout the operational cycle.

The Trimble Ag Software-Data license is designed to address common operational challenges by connecting data, environments, workflows and stakeholders across the farm. By connecting the in-cab display and providing a rich suite of display data management capabilities, Trimble enables farmers to prepare the necessary field data and job instructions, including boundaries, guidance lines, landmarks and materials. This ensures field work is completed efficiently and with higher accuracy. In addition, farmers save time collecting and sharing job data from displays by getting real time access to job status and task records as jobs are completed. Valuable task records are centralized in the farmer's Trimble Agriculture Cloud account and made available for reporting, record keeping, agronomic analysis or collaborating with business partners. Finally, this new Trimble user license is designed with busy farmers in mind. It allows them to effectively manage field operations while on the go, including efficient monitoring of field work and simplifying the collection and sharing of data.

"The Trimble Ag Software-Data license is the first in its category that is not specific to a single equipment manufacturer or brand, allowing farmers to optimize production across a mixed fleet," said Dave Britton, vice president, product management, Trimble Agriculture. "With this new software, we're laying the foundation to enable future value from connected devices, helping farmers better run their operations."

In addition, the Trimble Ag Software-Data license allows access to Trimble's expanded API, creating an open environment for farmers by coupling in-field devices and operational workflows for enabling compatibility with both Trimble and third-party agriculture applications. By bringing displays into the connected world, farmers can now bring the management of the data off the device, into the cloud and then into a Trimble third-party application by utilizing the extended API.

To learn more about Trimble's user license, Trimble Ag Software-Data, visit

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