Loveland Products Bolsters Dyna-Gro Seed with Strategic Acquisition of Soybean Breeding Program, Bringing New Seed Technologies to Southern Growers

The acquisition includes two breeding sites, located in Marion, Arkansas and Leland, Mississippi for future products to be sold in Nutrien Ag Solutions, Inc. (Nutrien Ag Solutions) retail locations.

LOVELAND, Colorado - Loveland Products, Inc. (Loveland Products), a subsidiary of Nutrien Ltd., has announced the acquisition of a soybean breeding program tailored for the Southern United States from BASF. The acquisition includes two breeding sites, located in Marion, Arkansas and Leland, Mississippi for future products to be sold in Nutrien Ag Solutions, Inc. (Nutrien Ag Solutions) retail locations.

Since 2012, Nutrien Ag Solutions has worked to serve the unique needs of Southern growers with Loveland Products' Dyna-Gro brand. With successful rice and cotton programs, Nutrien Ag Solutions is now adding soybeans to its in-house portfolio, aligning with the company's goal of being a comprehensive agricultural solutions provider.

Nutrien Ag Solutions remains steadfast in its commitment to empowering Southern growers with innovative solutions. The acquisition of this breeding program and the expansion into soybeans marks a significant step towards enhancing agricultural productivity and driving growth and prosperity for customers through expanded seed variety options. Additionally, it complements Nutrien Ag Solutions' rice and cotton programs, aiming to provide row crop growers with access to the latest agricultural technologies and innovative breeding programs.

"By expanding into soybeans, we're showing our commitment to providing solutions for our customers and investing in the future of row crop growers. We believe this move will help growers increase their crop yields and achieve better-quality products," said Spencer Harris, Senior Vice President of Global Retail Operations for Nutrien Ag Solutions.

By integrating innovative technologies, breeding and agronomy specific to soybeans, Nutrien Ag Solutions aims to provide whole acre solutions that enable soybean growers to realize the full potential of their crops.

"We are excited to welcome our new colleagues to the Nutrien family. Together, we can develop new high yielding products for sale in our Nutrien Ag Solutions retail locations that help soybean growers in the South sustainably achieve their goals," said Rob Dunlop, Vice President of North America Seed at Nutrien Ag Solutions.

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