Hectare unveils Trading offering to revolutionise UK Crop Trading

This upgrade promises to deliver an unprecedented level of convenience to arable farmers and crop buyers across the UK.

In a groundbreaking move, Hectare, a leading agritech business in the UK, unveils Hectare Trading, the rebranded and enhanced version of their Graindex crop trading platform. Hectare Trading is set to redefine the landscape of crop trading in the UK with its innovative features, aimed at making crop trading simple, smart, and effective, now more than ever before.

This upgrade promises to deliver an unprecedented level of convenience to arable farmers and crop buyers across the UK.

Arable farmers face many challenges in managing their crop trades, such as limited access to market insights, trading position information saved in one place on paper or a spreadsheet and missing market highs while out working in the field. Conversely, grain buyers are often under time pressure to fulfil quotas and contracts, requiring them to quickly get the right crop on their books at the right specification for a fair price.

Hectare Trading is designed to address these pain points and usher in a new era of control and connectivity in the world of crop trading. This revamped platform retains all the best features that made Graindex popular with thousands of UK farmers while introducing innovative benefits aimed at further simplifying the trading process.

Key features of Hectare Trading include:

• Free live market insights: Farmers and buyers alike can access live market prices to make informed decisions.
• Trading position visibility: Farmers can effortlessly view their trading position at any time, empowering them to make better business decisions.
• Mobile accessibility: The easy-to-use app enables farmers to trade confidently from anywhere, anytime.
• Quality crop confirmation: Hectare Trading ensures the authenticity of sellers through automated farm assurance validation, providing peace of mind to buyers.

Co-founder Andrew Huxham, an arable farmer himself says "Our vision has always been to make life easier for the people who keep agriculture moving, and with Hectare Trading, we're taking a significant leap forward. Expect a more efficient, secure, and easy-to-use platform that caters to the evolving needs of our forward-thinking farmers."

Jamie McInnes, CEO and co-founder of Hectare, shared his excitement about the launch, saying: "We are thrilled to launch Hectare Trading, the evolution of Graindex built using our deep agricultural expertise. Our intuitive, user-friendly app will offer live market insights and real-time trading position access, enabling farmers to make quick and informed decisions. Most importantly, Hectare Trading underpins our commitment to agriculture, helping to create a greener, more connected industry for the future."

Hectare Trading is poised to make waves in the crop trading sector, setting new standards of convenience and connectivity. With its innovative features, it promises to be a game-changer for arable farmers and crop buyers alike, propelling Hectare to the forefront of crop trading in the UK.


About Hectare:
Hectare is a leading agritech business that creates technology dedicated to agricultural industry success. We build affordable solutions, rooted in agricultural expertise, that connect all the critical parts of the food supply chain so crops, livestock and customers are looked after through sustainable agriculture.

Founded in 2015 by farmers and developers, Hectare's technology has now facilitated over $1 billion in commodities and generates unique and extensive insights - from animal health to market price benchmarking - so agribusinesses can make better-informed decisions while increasing their sustainability, productivity and profitability. More than 140,000 farm businesses use Hectare's solutions, making it one of the largest global networks of agricultural businesses.
Everything Hectare creates is designed to fix customer problems and improve the experience of everyone in the farm-to-factory gate supply chain.

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