The Artificial Intelligence of xFarm Technologies will be presented at Agritechnica, Europe's leading agricultural trade fair

-The tech company is set to arrive in Hanover with a wide range of innovative solutions (Hall 8, Stand A12). -Together with more than 300,000 farms and an ecosystem of more than 100 partners, xFarm Technologies wants to make agriculture increasingly sustainable, efficient and connected, exploiting the most advanced opportunities offered by Artificial Intelligence.

The tech company xFarm Technologies (, a leader in the digitalisation of agriculture, will be at Agritechnica, Europe's leading agricultural trade fair, to present new game-changing solutions, starting with those based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. Founded in 2017, xFarm Technologies is active in the major markets of Europe and Latin America, has more than 100 corporate customers and supports the work of more than 300,000 farms every day.

For xFarm Technologies, Agritechnica is a unique opportunity to meet thousands of visitors, professionals and experts from all over Europe and the rest of the world, and - thanks to the support of the new German team - let them experience first-hand its cutting-edge innovation, which aims to radically improve the sustainability of the agri-food sector and increase the efficiency of field work in a time of climate change and global transformation.

AI for the field, now just a smartphone away

AI will be at the heart of the new technologies that will be presented at Agritechnica, whose aim is to provide farmers with more powerful, accurate and reliable tools to manage large amounts of data easily and effectively.

The revamped Defence function will be unveiled. It consists of a Decision Support System (DSS) for pathogen control, now AI-based, to adapt forecasting models according to feedback from farmers and technicians, thus customising recommendations for each area and farm.
Disease Recognition is another major innovation that will be presented. This module uses computer vision algorithms to detect the presence of disease from a simple photo of plants taken with a smartphone.

Combined with the new xTrap with automatic counting of catches, the Insect module is designed to simplify the monitoring of harmful insects in the field and to predict the evolution of phytophagous pests based on growing degree days (GDD).

Finally, the trade fair will be an opportunity to present the Irrigation module, a DSS that allows the optimisation of water use - an increasingly precious resource - through precise irrigation recommendations generated on the basis of AI algorithms capable of interpreting data collected from sensors (e.g. weather stations and soil moisture sensors) and other data sources.

AI to support the entire supply chain, including OEMs
In addition to AI solutions developed for farmers, other innovations will be presented for the entire supply chain, including machinery and equipment manufacturers. Notably, Smart Spraying, a technology to optimise crop protection interventions, will be launched. Using cameras installed on sprayers and AI algorithms, the system enables variable rate application (VRA) of plant protection products and fertilisers. Designed mainly for specialised crops (particularly orchards and vines), Smart Spraying allows products to be applied following the conformation of the plants, avoiding waste where there is no vegetation.

There will also be a preview presentation of Digital Assistant, the natural search engine for agronomic information and statistics based on GPT, which allows large quantities of data to be analysed, finding the answers to every single question: a new function that is especially useful for agrifood companies, which will be able to use the service to optimise data analysis and improve production sustainability.

An open ecosystem for more sustainable supply chains

Through xFarm Connect, a new interface that brings together all possible interconnections, data exchange - not only between sensors and machinery, but also between FMISs (Farm Management Information Systems) - reaches new levels of efficiency and value for farmers. xFarm Connect guarantees excellent usability and a very high degree of interoperability, allowing field workers to choose which data to import into xFarm, when and how often.

It is precisely with the aim of creating an increasingly open and connected ecosystem that in the course of 2023 xFarm Technologies has invested considerable energy in further developing already-established partnerships. At Agritechnica the tech company will also present new integrations, and expand its unique ecosystem of partners, which already enables interconnection with more than 50 brands including machinery manufacturers, sensor providers, agricultural equipment manufacturers, other Farm Management Information Systems and agribusiness-related players.

"For us at xFarm Technologies, Agritechnica is a milestone on our growth path. We will present the work of recent years to the international public. We have worked hard to be ready for the event, especially from the point of view of product development, introducing cutting-edge technologies such as AI and computer vision, in order to create innovative solutions capable of solving the everyday problems of farmers and agri-food companies all over the world. What we are going to show is the result of a relentless effort, which has also been possible thanks to excellent partners that I would like to thank here: both the historical ones and those that we will announce during the trade fair. To show this evolution at its best, we have planned a programme full of events, thanks to a new team led by Ralf Huber, who will welcome visitors for the entire duration of Agritechnica," says Matteo Vanotti, CEO of xFarm Technologies.

All innovations, partnerships and updates will be presented by xFarm Technologies from 12 to 18 November at Agritechnica in Hanover, Hall 8, Stand A12.

xFarm Technologies
xFarm Technologies is a tech company helping the agri-food sector to go digital, providing innovative tools that can support farmers and stakeholders in managing their businesses. As of today, xFarm Technologies supports the work of 300,000 farms, belonging to over 50 supply chains and covering 3 million hectares in more than 100 countries around the world.

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