DJI Agriculture Brings Advanced Agricultural Technology to Europe

Agricultural Products on Display to Showcase how Crop Producers can Improve Efficiency and Quality with Latest Farming Technology

DJI Agriculture, a global leader in facilitating agricultural innovation through drone technology, is exhibiting for the very first time at Hannover's Agritechnica, 12th-18th November. Visitors will be presented with agricultural solutions, insights into new smart farming techniques, and the latest industry research to enhance farmland management. Presentations will also be given on Smart Agriculture, Drone Policy, Ag Drone Drift Testing, and more.

"DJI Agriculture has recently released a report that shows that farmers and governments around the world are adopting the use of agricultural drones and smart farming methods to increase food production in a more scientific, sustainable and eco-friendly way," said Yuan Zhang, Head of Global Sales at DJI Agriculture. "Our attendance at Agritechnica is a commitment to this adoption by meeting crop producers and helping them to understand how technology can enhance today's farming methods for the benefit of everyone."

Aerial Solutions for a New Era of Farming
DJI Agriculture offers a suite of products that form a complete crop protection solution for farmers, from surveying & mapping, to spraying & spreading. These drones represent the future of agricultural technology and are designed to increase efficiency and productivity in crop management.

For the very first-time, some products previously only available outside of Europe will be on display. Products to be displayed include, but are not limited to:

DJI Agras T50 and DJI Agras T25 (Debut in Europe)
DJI's largest and most advanced aerial application drone, the Agras T50 is capable of carrying a 40 kg[1] spraying payload or a 50 kg[2] spreading payload. Equipped with dual atomizing spraying, front and rear phased array radars, dual binocular vision, and a high-resolution FPV gimbal camera, it integrates aerial surveying with crop protection to provide a complete agriculture drone solution. The Agras T25 integrates these features into a compact airframe optimized for solo use, and is capable of carrying a 20 kg[3] spraying payload or a 25 kg[4] spreading payload.

DJI Mavic 3M
A portable multispectral mapping solution, the DJI Mavic 3M combines an RGB camera with a multispectral camera to scan and analyze crop growth with total clarity. Leverage multispectral data to create prescription application maps to direct automatic operations performed by Agras series drones.

DJI Relay Module
A signal receiver that can effectively extend and bolster transmission between compatible DJI Agras drones and the remote controller, DJI Relay Module expands operations across greater distances and more complex environments.

DJI FlyCart 30 (Debut in Europe)
A long-distance heavy lifter, DJI FlyCart 30 ascends beyond traditional logistical limits to deliver a safe, economical, and efficient air transport solution.

Come and Meet DJI at the Booth
DJI Agriculture is excited to be part of Agritechnica 2023 and looks forward to meeting with industry professionals and showcasing our latest products and services. To arrange an interview or find out more about how DJI Agriculture is working with its partners to create an aerial application ecosystem centered on pesticide optimization, product improvement, technological advancement and talent growth, use the contact email address:

Booth Location: Hall 9, Stand 16
Agritechnica Map:

About DJI Agriculture
Since 2006, DJI has led the world with civilian drone innovations that have empowered individuals to take flight for the first time, visionaries to turn their imagination into reality, and professionals to transform their work entirely. With a solution-oriented mindset and genuine curiosity, DJI has expanded its ambitions into the area of agriculture.

In 2012, DJI commenced R&D of agriculture drones and in 2015 established DJI Agriculture. DJI Agriculture is committed to developing innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions to continuously improve agricultural productivity. With products servicing over 100 countries worldwide, DJI Agriculture has empowered over 10 million professional users with intelligent farming solutions.

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