Ever.Ag Acquires Austin Data Labs: Unveiling the Next Wave in AgTech

Uniting Cutting-Edge AI and AgTech to Reinvent Global Food Supply Chains

Exciting transformations are underway at Ever.Ag, a distinguished software provider serving the agriculture industry. In a deliberate move to unify a fragmented agricultural supply chain, Ever.Ag acquired Austin Data Labs, an award-winning AI and data science firm known for pioneering innovative data solutions, earlier this year.

Ever.Ag acquires Austin Data Labs, uniting cutting-edge AI, data science, & AgTech to reinvent global food supply chains

"By acquiring Austin Data Labs, we've taken a revolutionary step towards redefining the agricultural data landscape globally. At Ever.Ag, we've built a robust data infrastructure, and by integrating Austin Data Labs' unmatched AI and data science expertise, we're poised to unlock unprecedented value across the entire food supply chain. This union signifies our relentless commitment to customer success, sustainability, and catalyzing impact across every link of the chain, from seeds to table." - Scott Sexton, CEO, Ever.Ag

The acquisition amplifies Ever.Ag's focus on end-to-end visibility in a sector where siloed operations have hindered comprehensive data management and analysis. Austin Data Labs' AI and data science capabilities provide a strong data foundation to drive innovative solutions across Ever.Ag's diverse portfolio in crops, dairy, livestock, and food and beverage. Integrating Austin Data Labs not only enhances Ever.Ag's suite of advanced technologies, but underpins the company's commitment to pioneering efficient, transparent farm-to-table solutions.

"Joining Ever.Ag marked an important moment for Austin Data Labs and the wider agriculture supply chain. Our sophisticated AI and data science is supercharging Ever.Ag's data infrastructure, enabling a world where analytics and insights drive every decision. Together, we're actively shaping the future of AgTech and food systems, ensuring they are sustainable, efficient, and remarkably innovative." - Simon Drake, CEO and Co-Founder, Austin Data Labs.

Ever.Ag's financial risk business continues to be a core component of the company's multifaceted offerings. The incorporation of Austin Data Labs will enhance Ever.Ag's focus on optimizing data analytics and intelligence across the entirety of the agriculture sector, safeguarding Ever.Ag's commitment to ethical practices and market fairness.

Ever.Ag and Austin Data Labs stand united in their mission to enable robust, data-driven decisions, promoting sustainability and resilience amid evolving demands. Moving forward together, building "Everything Agriculture."

About Ever.Ag

Ever.Ag is Everything Agriculture, providing software and services that empower your entire supply chain, from farm to table - and everything in between. The breadth and depth of Ever.Ag's solutions empower dairy, crops, animal protein, and agribusiness customers to feed a growing world. Bringing decades of experience and industry-leading innovation to the table, Ever.Ag's advanced technology, risk management, and market intelligence solutions provide customers with the insight they need to operate more efficiently, sustainably, nimbly, and strategically across the supply chain.

About Austin Data Labs

Austin Data Labs deploys data science at the heart of the global food supply chain to help keep the world fed. A global AI-based B2B data science SaaS company based in the United States, with a presence spanning the U.S., Brazil, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, Austin Data Labs is dedicated to building award-winning cutting-edge data science products, predictive machine learning software, and artificial intelligence solutions for the global commodity agriculture and food and beverage industry.

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