Companies aim to develop point-of-need diagnostic to help protect farmers’ fields

Alameda, CA - October 24, 2023 - Alveo Technologies, Inc. today announced a collaboration with Corteva Agriscience to expand the offering of its novel eco-friendly molecular sensing and disease diagnostics technology to include a first-in-field agricultural disease diagnostic.

Alveo has developed a rapid, handheld, portable medical-grade platform that pairs advanced molecular assays with cloud-enabled data analytics for real-time disease, pathogen analysis, and diagnosis. Using this highly sensitive multiplexed molecular testing platform, Corteva scientists aim to design crop-specific assays to detect pathogens in the field.

"Alveo has developed a game changing, mobile ‘molecular lab' that can deliver highly sensitive and specific diagnostic testing where it is needed, which can help solve some of the world's most complex problems, like pandemics and global food crises," said Alveo CEO Shaun Holt. "Our collaboration with Corteva reflects our core focus of taking molecular testing out of the lab and directly to the point of need where it can deliver insight and guidance. This partnership extends the technology beyond healthcare and into agricultural applications."

"Corteva Agriscience explores the latest technologies as we strive to bring actionable insights and solutions to farmers where and when they need them," said Gina Zastrow-Hayes, Technical Director, Seed, R&D & Biotechnology, Corteva. "We are pleased to explore this feasibility with Alveo and are excited by the potential that in-field molecular testing platforms hold for the agricultural industry."

Alveo's be.well™ platform is a point-of-care infectious disease diagnostic platform that utilizes the company's proprietary and globally patented method for the direct electrical sensing of nucleic acid amplification. This technology eliminates the need for specialized lighting and expensive optical detectors, while also simplifying certain aspects of primer manufacturing, providing a more robust and reliable diagnostic instrument. Corteva scientists will explore three components of the platform to develop agri-based assays: the be.well™ Analyzer, a portable, palm-sized, rechargeable device; the be.well™ Cartridge which contains the reagents required for an isothermal amplification reaction; and the be.well Mobile App which offers step by step guidance on administering the test, cloud-connectivity for reporting and tracking results, and back-end analytics for deeper insights into pathogen behavior.

This collaboration reflects both companies' open-source philosophy and desire to build together across sectors and technologies.

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About Alveo

At Alveo, we strive to improve outcomes by making molecular detection and diagnostics universally accessible - whether that means on the farm, in the clinic, or even within industrial processes. We understand the value of detecting pathogens earlier where decisions and results can be most effective and impactful. Alveo's be.well™ platform technology encompasses a unique method of nucleic acid amplification coupled with our proprietary direct electrical sensors, enabling improved outcomes across numerous market sectors and verticals at the point of need. Our platform was designed from the bottom up to enable detection and diagnosis of pathogens earlier given its portability, ease of use, robust and rugged design, multiplexing capability, high accuracy, coupled with fast times to result. Cloud connected and Bluetooth enabled, advanced data and analytics are available for reportable diseases, and monitoring and surveillance of new and emerging pathogens. Our aim is to help customers and patients prevent or significantly limit the negative, destructive impact viruses, fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens can have on our planet. In doing so, we are providing actionable insights at lightspeed, improving health outcomes, saving time, reducing cost, and improving yields. With Alveo, we Know Sooner, Act Faster™.

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About Corteva
Corteva, Inc. (NYSE: CTVA) is a publicly traded, global pure-play agriculture company that combines industry-leading innovation, high-touch customer engagement and operational execution to profitably deliver solutions for the world's most pressing agriculture challenges. Corteva generates advantaged market preference through its unique distribution strategy, together with its balanced and globally diverse mix of seed, crop protection, and digital products and services. With some of the most recognized brands in agriculture and a technology pipeline well positioned to drive growth, the company is committed to maximizing productivity for farmers, while working with stakeholders throughout the food system as it fulfills its promise to enrich the lives of those who produce and those who consume, ensuring progress for generations to come. More information can be found at

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