Mattracks Engineers New Rubber Track Conversion System for High Clearance Sprayers

New Track Series Designed for High-Clearance Sprayers Features Built-In Cooling and Lubrication to Maximize Tread Durability

KARLSTAD, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, October 2, 2023 -- Mattracks, the world leader in rubber track conversion systems continues to expand its product line for agricultural implements by releasing the new High Track (HT) Series. Building off of Mattracks decade of experience in designing and manufacturing tracks for High Clearance Sprayers, the High Track (HT) series features industry-first innovations that ensure tread durability both on roadways and in the field.

Offered in two weight classes, the HT-400 is designed for an approximately 40,000-pound gross sprayer weight, accommodating most 1200 gallon and smaller self-propelled sprayers. The HT-500, with its longer tread and increased carrying capacity, is designed for sprayers weighing in at 5,000-pounds fully loaded, or most 1,400 and 1,600 gallon capacity machines.

Especially unique to the HT Series is the integrated Mattracks Patent Pending Cool Track Technology (CTT). These innovative features include a cooling fan integrated into the track system to cool and extend tread life, as well as an Automatic Dry Lubricant Applicator for roading on hard pavement. The HTs also feature an increased wheel to track contact area to reduce peak pressure on the tread, which reduces overall heat buildup.

"Our partners in agriculture were in need of track solution able to handle the significant weight of their high clearance spraying implements, and now they have one complete with cooling technology designed to prolong the life of the product itself," says Mattracks Vice President, Dan Laux. "We are constantly working to engineer solutions to solve challenges faced in the field as well as the route traveled to get there. The HT Series is the perfect example of that."

Mattracks engineered the world's first wheel-to-rubber track conversion system and has since become the global market leader known for its commitment to quality, its broad product line and custom designs. Mattracks manufactures 170 track models designed for various makes and models of ATVs, UTVs, pickups, trucks, tractors, combines, sprayers and other farm implements as well for heavy duty construction, mining, forestry, military and other specialty applications. Today, Mattracks rubber track conversion products can be found in all seven continents and in over 150 countries.

For additional information and to place an order, contact Jake Larson or Michelle Gjerde at Mattracks, Inc at: 218-683-9800, 877-436-7800 (toll-free US & Canada) or 218-436-7000. Visit us online at, follow us on Facebook, X "Twitter" and Youtube or email us at

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