Ecorobotix Presents ARA Ultra-High Precision Smart Sprayer at FIRA USA 2023

ARA will be showcased at USA FIRA 2023, marking Ecorobotix's first official company show in the USA. The event will take place from September 19-21, where attendees can witness a live demonstration of ARA’s exceptional performance and capabilities.

Ecorobotix, the pioneering Swiss agtech and AI software company, is proud to debut its groundbreaking ARA Ultra-High Precision Smart Sprayer in the United States. ARA is set to revolutionize the agricultural industry with its innovative UHP-Sprayer™ and Plant-by-Plant™ AI-based software solution.

ARA will be showcased at USA FIRA 2023, marking Ecorobotix's first official company show in the USA. The event will take place from September 19-21, where attendees can witness a live demonstration of ARA's exceptional performance and capabilities.

Visitors to Ecorobotix's exhibit will have the opportunity to learn more about Ecorobotix's revolutionary Plant-by-Plant™ AI based software, which enables pinpoint accuracy in treating weeds and selected crops. Combined with the ultra-high precision spraying technology, ARA sets new standards in precision spraying and sustainability.

What makes ARA unique?

ARA stands apart from its competition due to its unique combination of Ecorobotix's advanced UHP-Spray-Technology™ and the AI-driven Plant-by-Plant™ software. ARA boasts an astonishing 156 nozzles and covers an impressive 10 acres per hour while traveling at a speed of 4.7 mph. In less than 250 milliseconds, its dynamic system "scans" the field, captures real-time imagery, identifies the specified crops or weeds the farmer has chosen to treat, and executes a remarkably precise spray precision of 2.4 by 2.4 inches, all while minimizing drift. Studies have shown that the ARA can reduce herbicide usage by up to 95% and increase crop yields by up to 5% by lowering phytotoxicity.

Beyond herbicide application, ARA can also be used to apply liquid fertilizers, growth treatments, insecticides, and pesticides, making its combination of precision & versatility unique in the market.

Ecorobotix has recently expanded its presence in the USA with the acquisition of its US subsidiary. Additionally, the company is actively collaborating with select farmers in California, primarily focusing on high-value crops. (A full list of ARA's compatible crops can be found by visiting the company's website:

"We are thrilled to bring ARA to the USA. Our technology has already proven successful in Europe, and we are excited to work with American farmers to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and promote sustainable agriculture."
José Marchetti Ecorobotix US Sales Rep.

For those interested in learning more about the ARA sprayer or exploring distribution opportunities, please visit the Ecorobotix's exhibit at FIRA USA 2023 (#FIRAUSA23) or get in touch with Ecorobotix at

About ARA & Ecorobotix
Ecorobotix, a Swiss Certified B Corporation®, was established with a transformative vision to revolutionize agriculture by prioritizing environmental preservation through the reduction of chemical and energy usage, as well as minimizing soil impact. Ecorobotix developed its ARA smart sprayer which combines both Ecorobotix's AI Plant-by-Plant™ software and UHP-Spray-Technology™, together providing an innovative solution that operates at a plant-by-plant level, delivering unparalleled precision in crop treatment. ARA achieves remarkable reductions in input costs while simultaneously boosting crop yields and substantially curtailing CO2 emissions.

For more information, visit or contact Ecorobotix at

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