ArduSimple makes precision driving assistance and autosteer affordable for all farmers

*Aftermarket accessory reduces existing monthly correction positioning subscription costs by 90%* Hardware and software solution can be retrofitted to existing solutions* Subscription can be paused when machinery not in use* L-Band Satellite Corrections affordable for all*

ArduSimple, today announced the launch of a disruptive accessory for driving assistance and autosteer solutions aimed at the aftermarket technology providers in the farming industry. The device uses corrections in standard RTCM format directly from L-Band satellites and is compatible with most RTK receivers. The service is available in Europe and the US.

For many farmers and heavy machine operators the cost of running a driving assistance or autosteer subscription ($2000 per year) is prohibitive, meaning that there are an estimated million devices in the market which have unsubscribed. ArduSimple has responded to this problem with a cost-effective solution which costs $1000 for the hardware and only $30 per month for the correction connectivity subscription - the subscription can be paused when the machinery is not in use, meaning the average annual subscription would be less than $100.

Marc Castillo, Senior Consultant at ArduSimple, said: "Bringing together the components, high precision accuracy and connectivity in Europe and the US in one simple out-of-the-box accessory solution ensures that the market servicing the farming and heavy machinery sector can reconnect the hundreds of thousands of farm machines that are not taking advantage of driving assistance and autosteer to raise productivity. Our solution breaks the costly monopoly that has existed to date and makes precision farming affordable for all,"

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