Tropical Agro strengthens its end to end farmer solution portfolio

Launches new products to empower farmers & boost productivity for 2023 cropping season

Chennai, July 18, 2023:Tropical Agrosystem(India) Pvt. Ltd., the leader in the Indian agriculture industry has introduced a range of farming solutions for this 2023 Kharif cropping season. Guided by a deep sense of responsibility towards the present & future challenges pertaining to agriculture, the company has expanded and strengthened its product portfolio with 14new introductions to provide an end-to-end package of farming practices, right from seed treatment to post-harvest.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr. V. K. Jhaver, Chairman -Tropical Agrosystem (India) Pvt. Ltd., said, "With an objective to empower farmers, we are bringing vitality into our product solutions portfolio by introducing high-end technological formulations so that farmers can easily address issues related to crop or plant-related pest, disease, or soil deficiency. Our Innovation Labs& the product teams have been working on many more such new formulations to pave the way to strengthen the future of farming."

Mr. Mohan Kumar, President -Tropical Agrosystem (India) Pvt. Ltd., added, "These initiatives are in line with our new purpose statement and will positively impact the new-age farmer by protecting and nurturing their crops effectively in turn, boosting their productivity & increasing profitability. Additionally, we are taking proactive steps to drive positive experiences amongst the farmers by strengthening the collaborations with many reputed Indian & Global firms to introduce world-class agri-tech solutions that are relevant for the future."

Tropical Agro is committed to excellence and ensures all its products are compliant with international standards and safe to be used at recommended doses by the end-users. The new range of products are developed post the assessment carried out by our agronomic experts and are crafted to improve efficiency and deliver superior performance when applied to crops/plants. They are user-friendly, economically viable, and resource-efficient.

Furthermore, the company has integrated the culture of product stewardship into the business to minimize any negative impact on the environment. Every person in the team has been made responsible and the effort is driven throughout the entire product lifecycle beginning with-the research and development of the product to covering production, marketing, customer usage, and subsequent disposal.

About Tropical Agrosystem (India) Pvt. Ltd.
Tropical Agrois a pioneer & a leader in the Indian crop protection & plant nutrition industry, both in the Chemical & Organic segments. Part of The Jhaver group, the company combines its rich heritage with a spirit of determination to improve the lives of farming communities and promotes responsible as well as conscious farming.

The company is counted among India's Top 5 brands in the agri space and has an effective farm-to-consumer value chain of more than 8 crore farmers, who form our core customer base, 20000 distributors & retailers, 4000+ field assistants, and 1100 employees across all agro-climatic zones in the country. The company's group consolidated turnover makes it rank 3rd across the crop protection & plant nutrition sector.

Driven by the commitment to shape the future of agri-farming and to meet the global challenges of food security, safety, and preservation of soil health; the company offers the widest range of full-spectrum agricultural solutions. Over 300 solutions have been so far curated to meet the needs of the Indian farmer. These products are developed at our strategically located7 state-of-art manufacturing units & the 2 R&D hubs.
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