RC Mowers introduces newly upgraded Remote-Operated Robotic Mowers to its product line

The robotic mower manufacturer’s R Series features an improved first-pass yield and a more durable design

GREEN BAY, Wis. - May 17, 2023 - RC Mowers, a leading manufacturer of remote-operated and autonomous robotic mowers, announced today that it is releasing its new R Series to replace older versions of its groundbreaking remote-operated robotic mowers.

"These mowers are an upgrade to our already innovative remote-controlled robotic mowers and will continue to help our customers solve their business challenges," said Michael Brandt, chief executive officer for RC Mowers. "Landscaping contractors, public works departments, park systems and road departments can not only use the upgraded R Series to help them solve labor shortage issues, they can mow hazardous terrain safely as they improve working conditions and efficiency and capture previously out-of-reach niche revenue."

The R-60 model replaces the company's TK-60XP, the R-52 model replaces the TK-52XP and the R-44 was formerly the TK-44E. New features include:
• An improved first-pass yield with a larger deck opening.
• A narrower design to allow all of the models to fit on most standard landscape trailers.
• A design update featuring new materials in critical locations for improved durability.
• Improvements to the camera optics and display unit.
• A soft-start clutch system to reduce the impact load on the engine, belts and spindle during start-up.

The updated product line is purpose-built for steep slopes - up to 50 degrees without a winch - and for extreme, hazardous terrain. It is engineered to provide an outstanding performance in wet and muddy environments with thick vegetation such as canals, retention ponds, and embankments, and other specialty terrains like roadsides, containment berms and ditches.
"These new features promote our initiative to stay innovative while meeting the demands of our customer base," Brandt said. "We made these improvements to the mowers to help our customers increase efficiency, reduce their labor concerns, keep their people safe, and allow scalability and growth."

RC Mowers' American-made mowers have been designed and built by experts in aviation safety and robotics specialists who have worked for the U.S. Department of Defense. The company has established a top-tier dealer network with distribution across the United States, Canada and Australia and has nearly 600 mowers currently in operation.

For more information about RC Mowers or to learn more about the new R Series, visit https://www.rcmowersusa.com/.

About RC Mowers
Founded in 2018 and based near Green Bay, Wisconsin, closely-held RC Mowers manufactures autonomous and remote-operated robotic mowers that solve the biggest challenges and improve opportunities for profitability and growth for landscaping contractors, public works departments, city, county, state and federal parks systems and roads departments, and more. All of our robotic mowers are designed and manufactured in the United States, have a 30-day buy-back guarantee and come with a 72-hour parts shipping guarantee. We are redefining the business of mowing. For more information, visit https://www.rcmowersusa.com.

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