Blendhub will present at Food 4 Future a Food-as-a-Service platform to help food companies innovate anywhere in the world

Together with some of its partners, Chemometric Brain, 3D Essence Food, LeanPio and Indespan, they will present innovative solutions in quality control, personalized nutrition, food surplus utilization and waste management.

Blendhub and Chemometric Brain will be present once again at Food 4 Future, May 16-18 in Bilbao, Spain, the leading food tech event in Europe, where the latest trends and innovations that are transforming the food industry are presented.

The two companies are official sponsors of the event and will participate as exhibitors with a 360º stand that will host some of their main partners, with the aim of showing how collaboration between the different stakeholders of the supply chain can accelerate the commitment towards a more efficient, sustainable and safe food production.

In the last year Blendhub has consolidated its Food-as-a-Service project to facilitate entrepreneurship in the food sector. Through this strategy Blendhub supports SMEs, startups and industry professionals in the design, production and launch of innovative and sustainable food products anywhere in the world thanks to an extensive knowledge of the market and a global network of production hubs in 4 continents and expanding.

Attendants to the event will be able to visit one of these production hubs with virtual reality and learn first-hand about Blendhub's innovative business model through portable production plants that can be deployed anywhere in the world in less than 6 months.

Chemometric Brain, which markets a unique software based on NIRS technology for food quality control, will present the new software solutions for quality control of dairy products, ingredients, snacks or 100% acorn-fed Iberian ham, among others, and will perform real-time analysis of food samples, with immediate results.

The partners will also showcase some of their latest innovations for the food industry. Indespan will present a novel solution to produce bakery products with a high vegetable protein content. This new protein bread, which is already being successfully produced and marketed through Blendhub's multi-localized network, will be part of the menu for the CEO and senior executive meals that will take place during the event.

LeanPio will introduce its latest eco-efficient solutions to help companies minimize waste and optimize resources; and 3D Essence Food, specialized in the use of production surpluses to curb waste and generate new foods with high nutritional value, will demonstrate 3D printing of food from these surpluses.

"With our partners we reinforce our Food-as-a-Service strategy to empower entrepreneurship and innovation in the food industry. Through our partner network and multi-localized production hubs, we help companies detect market opportunities to launch healthier, sustainable and affordable food anywhere in the world, and focus on enabling startups and SMEs to compete with large multinational food companies at the same level", explains Henrik Stamm Kristensen, founder and CEO of Blendhub and Chemometric Brain.

In addition, Blendhub, Chemometric Brain and its partners will participate in the Food 4 Future World Summit, which will host high-level international speakers to discuss the challenges facing the food and beverage industry.

Blendhub - 16 May- Arena Industry Solutions - Food as a Service, a shared-value innovation model, with Joaquín Tintoré King, Head of Business Development.
Chemometric Brain - 16 May - Arena Industry Solutions - Better quality and decisions, with digitized quality control, with Jacob Kristensen Illán, VP Digital Food Quality.
Henrik Stamm Kristensen - 17 May - Main Auditorium Agrobank - Is Innovation Still Relevant at This Moment in Time?

About Blendhub
Blendhub is a Spain-based company operating globally by deploying a network of multi-localized food production centers closer to raw materials and end consumers, self-funded to date and now open to network expansion with local/regional partners and investors fully aligned with the purpose of leading a change in the global food system "making healthy, affordable food and personalized nutrition available to all people everywhere". We have created Food as a Service, to help anyone from ideation of any food recipe using powdered food ingredients to market launch, anywhere in the world.

About Chemometric Brain
Chemometric Brain is a company that offers a unique software-as-a-service (software-as-a-service) solution in the cloud for food quality control with the aim of promoting the digitization of quality and supply chains to ensure food safety and prevent fraud. Chemometric Brain is the only software of its kind capable of using any NIR (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) hardware technology to identify components in food products in powder, liquid, solid or in-goods form in just a few seconds.

Visit us at our booth F600 from May 16 to 18 at the BEC in Bilbao.

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