Homedigy Launches GeoDrops, The World's Smartest AI Irrigation Manager

GeoDrops is now available for reservation via Indiegogo, and is expected to ship in the summer of 2023.

Homedigy Inc., a Silicon Valley high tech consumer product and services company, today introduced GeoDrops, the next-generation smart irrigation management system. GeoDrops leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and class-leading sensor arrays to drive an extremely effective watering schedule, delivering a prettier garden while simultaneously saving up to 70% of outdoor irrigation water.

GeoDrops is the first consumer product on the market capable of measuring detailed soil conditions, such as evapotranspiration rate and water content at different soil depths, allowing it to ensure every water drop is used as efficiently as possible by your plants' roots. It works for all types of landscaping and watering methods, including manual garden hoses, traditional irrigation controllers, and smart irrigation controllers.

The GeoDrops system is made up of one or more Droplets, each a miniature WiFi-connected computer with a powerful integrated AI sensor processor. The GeoDrops Droplet is as small as a sprinkler head, is fast to install, and is tough against outdoor use. The larger GeoDrops system implements a distributed AI computer architecture that processes both Droplet data and online weather information, and can be accessed anywhere via the GeoDrops smartphone App. GeoDrops is also compatible with IFTTT, allowing compatible smart irrigation controllers to be directly driven by the GeoDrops system.

"I love seeing how the [GeoDrops] sensor is recording the different moisture levels in the raised bed system compared to the ground [bed] system. [The system can detect] wood chips [in the soil] as well, " said Fiona, Charles Street Gardens administrator, long time gardener, and one of the few dozen GeoDrops early prototype users in Silicon Valley. "We're excited to learn how we can better use the system to manage our irrigation system in spring and summer."

GeoDrops provides peace of mind that gardens and lawns will have the perfect water conditions. GeoDrops is now available for reservation via Indiegogo, and is expected to ship in the summer of 2023. For more information, please visit: https://www.geodrops.com/

About Homedigy

Homedigy Inc. was founded by Lawrence Ying, a former Google computer systems architect. Homedigy is on a mission to bring the latest AI, Sensor, and Robotics technologies to our physical homes and backyards, where we spend the majority of our time.

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