Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA), the Leading Supplier of Regenerative Farming Products and Services, to Open 55,000 Square-Foot Manufacturing Facility in Aurora, Colo.

The new location, expected to open in June 2023, will be AEA's second manufacturing facility. It will help meet growing demand for the company's regenerative agriculture products while reducing its ecological footprint.

Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA), a farm consultancy and nutritional products company that works with farmers to develop large-scale, regenerative farming systems, today announced it will open its second manufacturing facility in Aurora, Colo., in June 2023.

"The Aurora facility opening will mark another significant milestone for us"

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The 55,000-square-foot space will help AEA meet increasing demand for its comprehensive line of biological and nutritional products that are formulated for regenerative farming practices. It will also serve as a central location for product manufacturing and distribution, reducing the number of miles required to truck AEA's products nationwide.

"We are seeing tremendous growth in the adoption of regenerative agriculture practices, along with the demand for biological and nutritional products we've created to support this growth," said Jason Hobson, chief executive officer for AEA. "The new Aurora facility will help us streamline our product delivery, tighten delivery windows and reduce our environmental impact. It's an example of how AEA is always looking for ways to best serve our current growers, making the practice of regenerative agriculture more cost-effective and efficient for them, while also making it more accessible for new growers."

The Aurora location expands AEA's North American footprint, which includes the company's headquarters and original manufacturing facility in Middlefield, Ohio, and distribution centers in Yakima, Wash.; Scott City, Kansas; Fresno, Calif.; and Plant City, Florida. The company has partner locations in Indiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, and Ontario, Canada.

"The Aurora facility opening will mark another significant milestone for us," said Eric Girdler, AEA's chief operating officer. "From launching our own Research & Development lab in Ohio during the summer of 2022, to expanding our distribution network through partnerships and our own sites, we continue to support the growth of our business while advancing the regenerative agriculture movement."

About AEA

Founded in 2006, Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) works alongside large-scale farmers who use regenerative farming practices. The company's comprehensive product line includes biologicals and nutritionals; microbial and fungal inoculants; and liquid macronutrients and micronutrients. In addition to these products, AEA offers customized farm programs, full consultations and testing to help farmers succeed.

AEA's regenerative agriculture systems balance microbial, mineral and mechanical inputs to consistently improve farm profitability by increasing fruit size, quality and overall yield. The company works with growers to create custom plant nutrition programs that deliver results. To help farmers assess how best to maximize crop production, AEA offers an innovative plant testing process called The Plant Sap Analysis.

AEA also produces free content to support the growth of the regenerative farming movement, including the top-rated and highly regarded Regenerative Agriculture Podcast and other educational content available at Advancing Eco Agriculture for growers around the world.

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