Agriculture Intelligence's Agroview to Aid USDA Rapid Response Assessment

Agriculture Intelligence is partnering with the University of Florida to conduct a USDA-approved study which will use its flagship product, Agroview, and the latest AI technologies to quickly assess the impact of extreme weather events on agricultural production and provide vital information for the agricultural community.

Agriculture Intelligence, in partnership with the University of Florida, is pleased to announce its participation in the USDA's approval of the Rapid Response Assessment proposal.

This study will use Agriculture Intelligence's flagship product, Agroview, to provide leading-edge technologies and data analysis to quickly assess the impacts of extreme weather events on agricultural production.

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Ian, the USDA issued an urgent request. It sought a means to assess the storm impact using advanced remote sensing and deep-learning technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI). The goal of the USDA request was to provide timely, accurate information to growers and agricultural organizations, enabling them to make informed decisions and minimize losses.

As the leader in the application of deep learning technologies to agriculture, Agriculture Intelligence is at the forefront of this important research. In collaboration with the University of Florida, the team will provide the technical expertise, data collection, and data analysis necessary to conduct the Rapid Response Assessment.

"We are thrilled to be a part of this important project," said Agriculture Intelligence CEO Matthew Donovan. "At Agriculture Intelligence, we already provide growers and agricultural stakeholders with the precision tools they need to improve the quality and quantity of growing fields. This study is a critical step toward responding to acute weather events such as Hurricane Ian. And, we are proud to be collaborating with the University of Florida to make it a reality."

Agriculture Intelligence and UF will begin implementing the Rapid Response Assessment proposal in February with results expected to be available in the near year. Agriculture Intelligence and UF are committed to providing the agricultural community with the vital information it needs to navigate the challenges of extreme weather events.

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