FieldView and xFarm Technologies partner up to help farmers make better use of their farm data

-Leveraging on complementary solutions, the integration of FieldView and xFarm platforms improves farmers’ decision-making, allowing for better usage of farm data -This partnership is closely aligned with new regulations coming up around the Green Deal, helping farmers adopt more sustainable practices, as well as easier and more automatic tracking of their agronomic operations

Lugano, Jan. 26, 2023 - FieldView and xFarm Technologies announced a new partnership today to connect their respective platforms. The goal of this partnership is to enable an easy data exchange for farmers and help to consolidate and simplify farming operations.

FieldView is Bayer's leading digital farming platform, supporting farmers in managing their farms more efficiently, from planting to harvest, with insights from satellites as well as connected machinery and equipment. It has been adopted on more than 80 million hectares in 23 countries around the world.
xFarm Technologies is a tech company focused on digitizing the agri-food sector, providing innovative tools that can support farmers and stakeholders in the management of their businesses. xFarm Technologies supports the work of 140,000 farms belonging to more than 50 supply chains on 1,8 million hectares.

Overview on the platform integration
FieldView enables farmers to collect, visualize and analyze agronomic data. In addition, farmers can use their data to make better agronomic decisions and optimize their operations through a system for generating prescription maps that allow them to perform spraying, spreading and seeding operations using variable rate technology. xFarm offers a comprehensive farm management solution that integrates machinery and sensor data, decision support systems, satellite imagery, and other data sources, providing farmers with an all-in-one platform to enhance their daily work.
The partnership focuses on connecting the two platforms allowing users to share data between their FieldView and xFarm accounts in real time. Farmers will be able to share field boundaries as well as planting, harvesting and other operations data. This will allow farmers to leverage complementary capabilities, avoiding double data entry by using data from both platforms to improve the effectiveness of their agronomical practices through FieldView and optimize their farm management through xFarm. Aligned with the Green Deal, increasing sustainable practices and digital traceability obligations, farmers will have the opportunity to use automatic data collection made through FieldView to document their farming activities into xFarm.
Farmers will remain in full control of their data and will be the only ones managing the connection between both platforms. They will be able to independently activate or revoke the connection at any time and enable or disable the data exchange.
The partnership between FieldView and xFarm Technologies is global and data transfer can be activated by users in any country where both platforms are commercialized. Nevertheless, the active collaboration will start in Spain and Italy, two countries where FieldView has been working successfully for years and where xFarm Technologies has a well-established presence.
Matteo Vanotti, CEO of xFarm Technologies, said: "We are excited about this partnership. We believe that the integration between our platform and FieldView can make an important contribution to the digitization of agriculture, and to making even more efficient, innovative, and sustainable the farms of these two countries, which lie in one of the areas most exposed to climate change and energy shocks. The connectivity between xFarm and FieldView and the resulting data sharing will help the farmers who rely on us to face upcoming challenges with more confidence."
Christine Brunel-Ligneau, EMEA Digital Farming Solution Customer Enablement Lead for Bayer CropScience, said: "Farmers are always keen on using field data to help with their decisions throughout the cropping seasons. Until recent years, they've struggled in two key areas, though: collecting data from different sources and compiling it in a way operational decisions can be made. We are excited about this partnership that will give farmers more ways to access and use their data in a more effective way."

xFarm Technologies
xFarm Technologies is a tech company helping the agri-food sector to go digital, providing innovative tools that can support farmers and stakeholders in managing their businesses. As of today, xFarm Technologies supports the work of 140,000 farms belonging to over 50 agri-food supply chains and covering 1.8 million hectares in more than 100 countries around the world.

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