BS&B Launches Website with Interactive Product Selection Guide

The product selection tool helps process engineers & equipment designers efficiently choose the correct rupture disk technology to meet their specifications

BS&B Safety Systems has launched a new website ( that features an interactive product selection guide focused on helping process engineers select the correct rupture disk product from the many options the company offers. The web-based tool allows users to input basic application needs, such as product size and set pressure, to find the solutions that best match their requirements. Additional application inputs refine the search. The guide accelerates rupture disk product selection without need for registration.

The website allows visitors to identify the core application requirements using drop-down menus using their preferred technical units for pressure and temperature to ensure they arrive at the correct product. The menus are comprehensive and include product size, burst pressure, connection type, and service phase (gas, liquid, or 2 phase flow).

Further simplifying product selection, BS&B's online sizing software runs both ASME and European Pressure Equipment Directive style pressure relief device sizing calculations directly through the BS&B server, then allows the user to save the output as a data sheet PDF file.

Geof Brazier, Managing Director, BS&B Safety Systems, Custom Engineered Products Division, says the product selection tool shows engineers the best options given the criteria input, even if some fields are not completed. For example, if the size is unknown, a user can still input the burst pressure, and service phase and review all the options. This is much faster than reviewing multiple product web pages - the search is done for you!

"Process engineers typically already know the parameters they are dealing with, and the site eliminates the need to review multiple product web pages to gain information," says Brazier. "While on the web site you can ‘Live Chat' with a BS&B expert who can even guide you through the use of our product selection and flow calculation tools."

In addition to the familiar rupture disk content, the full range of valves, tank protection, and explosion protection products from BS&B are also included on the site. Visitors can navigate the site by product or with dropdown menus provided that focus on specific industries. A library of downloadable literature and documentation is accessed through product specific screens that provide product images to enhance understanding.

For more information or assistance in selecting a solution for your application, contact BS&B Safety Systems, LLC at .

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