Agriplay Ventures Inc. Secures Territory License Transaction for British Columbia with Zion Growing Solutions Inc.

Agriplay’s proprietary growing system enables the Company to grow over 150 varieties of fresh greenhouse vegetables without the consumption footprint of traditional indoor farming.

With current food supply issues, changing weather patterns, and increasing demand for onshoring food production, Agriplay Ventures Inc. (Company) has seen significant interest and negotiations for its technology, operations, and territorial licensing. Effective December 1, 2022, Zion Growing Solutions Inc., located in Salmon Arm, British Columbia (BC) and is the exclusive provider of Agriplay Technology for the region.

Zion is currently developing a 160-acre eco-park in the Salmon Arm area to showcase various eco-technologies and systems including an Agriplay installation to showcase the technology to prospective operators and stakeholders in the region. With the agreement signed, Agriplay is procuring the materials to secure regional production in 2023.

"We are very excited to bring Agriplay technology and operations to the BC region and our eco-park. This technology is truly revolutionary in its ability to convert existing structures into productive indoor farms and we are looking forward to converting existing structures at the eco-park next year," says David DenHollander, President of Zion.

Under the agreement, Agriplay has secured the Territory Licensee for BC for five years from the date of execution of the License agreement. The target territory contains an estimated population of 5,319,324 in 2022 and is valued at approximately $577k CAD.

Agriplay defines a territory as a legally recognized jurisdiction inside of any country, including but not limited to municipalities, counties, provinces, states and/or the entire country itself. Within the agreement, Agriplay will supply the materials and equipment to install the urban indoor farm and provide support for the system. Under the agreement, Zion will have full exclusive control over the territory to set up operations using Agriplay technology and set up inter-territory partnerships to benefit Zion and the region.

"We are extremely pleased with the high-paced interest for Territory Licensing; it validates the need for our indoor urban farming system. Zion has a fantastic concept in the eco-park, understands our food security strategy, and is the perfect partner to get facilities operating in BC as quickly as possible to meet food needs," says Dan Houston, President of Agriplay.

Agriplay's proprietary growing system enables the Company to grow over 150 varieties of fresh greenhouse vegetables without the consumption footprint of traditional indoor farming.

Agriplay systems can grow almost any variety of fresh fruit and vegetable; uses up to 3 times less energy, and is up to 40 times more scalable than traditional vertical farms. The Company is currently working on converting over 2.67 million square feet of commercial real estate into productive vertical farms in the Calgary market, supplying previously imported greenhouse vegetables to the Alberta market.

"Food security is front and center now, people are finally realizing how food insecure we all are and how those areas that used to provide us fresh food are no longer able to provide it to us. Our technology empowers local territories and communities to take back control of their food production and profitably onshore local food needs using existing infrastructure. It's indoor farming at scale. " says Dan Houston.

About Agriplay Ventures Inc.

Agriplay Ventures Inc. of Calgary, Alberta is an elevated, urban farming company that works with community stakeholders in commercial real estate markets to dramatically improve asset value through the conversion and operation of elevated urban farming facilities. Using proprietary technology, Agriplay uses advanced automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to leverage, augment, and transition local labour to service local demands for food.

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