Ever.Ag Accelerates On-Farm Solution Growth, Attacks Feed Costs with Acquisition of Dalex

Ever.Ag now offers end-to-end visibility for producers and their partners.

Ever.Ag, a leading AgTech provider dedicated to empowering supply chains to feed a growing world, today announced that Dalex, a pioneer in animal nutrition technology, is joining its portfolio. The solution expands Ever.Ag's robust range of on-farm offerings for livestock and dairy producers.

"Most livestock producers spend more on feed than on anything else, so we are proud to expand our on-farm solutions with industry-leading technology that allows them to maximize efficiency," said Ever.Ag CEO Scott Sexton. "Dalex delivers cutting-edge ration balancing tools, and its technology has a strong reputation for empowering producers to raise highly-productive animals."

Since 1980, Dalex has provided the animal nutrition industry with advanced feed ration formulation technology. The solution's scientific data models and ingredient repository enable nutritionists to collaborate and formulate cost-efficient, high-performing diets for farms of all sizes.

"From ration formulation with Dalex, to managing feed in front of animals in real-time with Cainthus, to analytics platforms that enable analysis of ration and production efficiency, Ever.Ag now offers end-to-end visibility for producers and their partners." said Dallas Shaw, Dalex VP of Business Development. "We are excited to join forces with this incredible group of passionate AgTech professionals."

Dalex's industry experts will now join forces with Ever.Ag's 500 team members around the world.

About Ever.Ag

Ever.Ag offers innovative AgTech solutions and services that empower agriculture, food, and beverage supply chains to feed a growing world. The breadth of its solutions are uniquely capable of supporting the complex needs of companies involved in dairy, livestock, crops, and agribusiness. With decades of experience and industry-leading innovations, our technology, risk management, and market intelligence provide our customers with the tools and insights they need to operate more efficiently, sustainably, and strategically across every stage of the supply chain.

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Analysis of images when objects vary in color or size

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