Growing Demand Agricultural Drones in Globally

An agricultural drone also known as an Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) used in agriculture can aid with crop monitoring, crop production, and other aspects of optimizing agricultural operations. Drones are being used in precision agriculture for a variety of tasks, including the application of pesticides, planting, and the examination of agricultural fields and soil.

Agriculture drones are unmanned aerial vehicle that are used in agricultural activities assisting farmers in collecting, processing, analyzing, and drawing insights from data collected by drones. These insights help achieve precision agriculture through its applications including irrigation monitoring, crop monitoring, soil and crop field analysis, bird/locust control, planting and pesticide spraying, field mapping, variable rate application, crop scouting, and others. Drones in agriculture benefit in several ways including optimization of use of inputs such as seeds, fertilizers, water, and other such resources without exceeding the required quantities. Meanwhile, the threats to the crop such as weeds, pests, and fungi may leave the crop growth hampered leading to yield losses which maybe timely detected and saved through crop scouting that comprises of validated treatment and actions taken. This is expected to help farmers to maximize the crop efficiency while minimizing the overall costs incurred for water, fertilizers, pesticides, and other resources.

Some of the factors that drive the agriculture drones industry comprise of rise in need for precision farming technology and increasing government initiatives to promote efficient farming practices that increase the productivity and benefit the farmers. On the other hand, development of policies regarding the usage of drones owing to data privacy concerns is hampering this growth trend in industry. However, the industry is opportune by increasing automation across agricultural activities. Further, lack of internet connectivity infrastructure creates challenges for the industry.

Key Industry Drivers

The use of small drones in agriculture is growing

  • Numerous technological advancements have positively impacted farming production during the past several years in the agriculture industry. UAVs are one of these key innovations, and they are presently widely used in agricultural operations with the aid of cutting-edge technology and software. Miniature, autonomous, and unmanned rotorcraft have been successfully developed thanks to technological advancement in components, sensors, and sizes. This is one of the key elements that experts think will fuel industry expansion.

Key Industry Challenges

The creation of drone usage restrictions in response to data privacy issues

  • Due to farmers' lack of expertise, drone manufacturers find it challenging to contact their potential clients. Additionally, because people lack the skills to use the tools (software programs) that assess and improve efficiency, they find it undesirable to purchase agriculture drones, which hinders the industry's growth. Another reason that is impeding industry expansion is cyber security worries; if these are resolved, the industry may increase in the near future.

Key Industry Opportunities

The growing use of sustainable farming methods to promote the use of agriculture drones

  • Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are being used by agriculture more and more to address environmental problems. In order to feed the world's expanding population, farming communities must be able to adapt and become resilient in the face of significant challenges brought on by climate change. Utilizing the development and transformational power of ICTs offers a great platform for not only solving some of these problems but also accelerating the achievement of the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). When cutting-edge technology is used, traditional agricultural techniques will see changes in production and efficiency. Farmers that adopt sustainable agricultural practices may be able to expedite their production operations utilizing enhanced data analytics. The industry for agricultural drones will also benefit from increased investment in auxiliary equipment and agricultural drones.

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