Upward Farms Unveils New Resealable Packaging Design

New packaging for Upward Farms’ organic microgreens is made with 38% less plastic and adds to shelf-life

The world's largest organic vertical farming company, Upward Farms, has unveiled a resealable packaging design for its line of USDA certified organic microgreens. Upward Farms' new resealable packaging is now available at Whole Foods Market locations across New York and New Jersey, as well as DeCicco's & Sons, Westside Market, Union Market, Foodtown, Morton Williams, D'Agostino's and Gristedes.

The new resealable design provides a more sustainable offering for consumers, compared to the average greens clamshell model, driving a 38% reduction of plastic, and is made with post-consumer recycled content.

Upward Farms combines modern vertical farming with the ancient, regenerative farming practice of aquaponics to produce ready-to-eat USDA certified organic microgreen mixes — and sustainably raised fish free from mercury, antibiotics, or added hormones.

Functionality and the consumer experience take center stage in Upward Farms' new packaging, with sealed plastic trays that are stackable and easier to open and close than traditional clamshells. The open and close technology allows for an extended shelf life for the microgreens. Upward Farms continues to deliver best-in-class cradle-to-cradle sustainability solutions.

"Continuously reducing Upward Farms' carbon footprint is a top priority for us, and our new packaging marks a significant milestone in that journey," says Jason Green, CEO and Cofounder of Upward Farms. "Upward Farms' new packaging is made using post-consumer recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate (rPET), one of the only truly recyclable plastics."

"When designing the new packaging, we envisioned ourselves as the consumer and chose to focus on two things: clearer communication and making Upward Farms easy to identify among other packaged salads and microgreens," said Eric Greifenberger, Upward Farms Vice President of Marketing and Sales. "Implementing this resealable technology has allowed us to add value for our consumers by delivering more sustainable, effective packaging. Functionality is extremely important to us and our consumers, and through rigorous testing we have designed a solution that is easily resealable, holds up to stacking in consumers' fridges, and locks in freshness."

The refreshed package label has increased the surface area, allowing greater communication of Upward Farms' notable certifications including its USDA organic certification, New York State Grown & Certified, KOF-K Kosher certification, washed and ready-to-eat, and pesticide free. Upward Farms is the largest indoor vertical leafy greens farm to be USDA certified organic.

Since 2013, Upward Farms has raised over $154MM to support growth ambitions and fund expansion efforts into the Northeast. One of the premier investments of funding was to create the world's largest organic indoor vertical farm in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, coined Regional Farm One which is anticipated to be operational in 2023.

To speak to an Upward Farms representative or learn more about the company, please contact: upwardfarms@allisonpr.com.

About Upward Farms

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Upward Farms is a breakthrough vertical farming company bringing whole ecosystems into controlled environment agriculture through aquaponic farming of leafy greens, fish, and a robust and beneficial microbiome. Founded in 2013 and led by CEO and Cofounder Jason Green, Upward Farms is the only large scale vertical farm offering locally grown, washed and ready to eat USDA certified organic leafy greens and Best Aquaculture Practices-certified fish. Upward Farms grows and packs superior quality microgreens bursting with delicious flavor, five times the nutrients of their mature leaf counterparts, and are best-selling products at Whole Foods Market and other retailers. As a leader in the science behind regenerative agriculture, Upward Farms understands the role of the microbiome in the health of the soils and waters that produce the food on our plate. To learn more, visit www.upwardfarms.com.

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