Small giant, Korean AgTech startup enters U.S.

AG-Uni wants to "simplify complex supply chains" and realize "system production and custom manufacturing" with the technology and network necessary for high value-added crop production.

The Korean promising ag-tech startup, AG-Uni, is starting its first global business in the United States. When people thought that agriculture as only a matter of making a living, AG-Uni looked furthermore. In the future, agriculture could be a cure for cancer, meant for vegetarians, and a very important way to protect the planet's environment. AG-Uni started the business with the idea to connect the world and humanity closer through agriculture.

AG-Uni wants to "simplify complex supply chains" and realize "system production and custom manufacturing" with the technology and network necessary for high value-added crop production. Plants cultivated by us are largely divided into above ground parts (stems) and rhizomes (roots). The terrestrial part and the root zone are very independent and closely related. The deeper the understanding of crops and soil, the more difficult but important part is in the root zone. The rhizosphere, which must sufficiently absorb nutrients necessary for plant growth, is the most important for plant growth.

AG-Uni's precision agriculture has three major competitive advantages compared to conventional agriculture. First, the roots were developed without pests and diseases, and the production efficiency, increased dramatically as the growth promoting power increased. Second, it became possible to increase the production of textiles through eco-friendly and vertical agriculture. Finally, due to the introduction of the AG-Uni's technology, the speed increased by about 1.8 times, the number of copies increased by about 2 times, and the profitability increased by about 15 times. (Based on Angelica and Cynanchum bungei Decne).

AG-Uni examines the fundamental reaction and physical structure of the root zone (soil and roots) and adds a standard mass production system for high value-added agricultural and bio-industrial materials to the technology to promote innovative, disease-free, and stable, high-quality growth. Through this, AG-Uni ultimately innovate the production and research ecosystem of agriculture and bio-industrial materials for safe bio-material research with the green bio-factory system.

AG-Uni, a promising agricultural technology start-up in Korea, analyzed the problems of each customer's value chain in the Korean agricultural ecosystem and launched a solution suitable for it, GROWIDE (AG-Uni's own brand independently developed and provides an integrated solution capable of producing high value-added crops. GROWIDE improved the soil structure using pneumatic pressure, the problem of continuous cropping was solved, and by securing uniformity and promoting growth through three-dimensional modular farming, standard production and rotation became possible to meet the increased demands of biomaterial companies and research institutes.

Using this experience as a stepping stone, AG-Uni intends to provide technical solutions suitable for the American agricultural ecosystem and is about to establish an American corporation to pass on the know-how of Korean medicinal crops to the United States. AG-Uni, which is located in the Gyeongbuk Hemp Regulation Free Zone, has secured public credibility as a state-backed company through the duty to notify use, according to the National Narcotics Control Act. It is possible to strategically preempt medical hemp, a star raw material, and it is possible to preempt and secure Korean customers with the supply authority according to the special zone business promotion system without a separate purchase contract.

About Ag-Uni
AG-Uni is an AgTech company that provides vertical farming system and solutions to plan and produce high value-added plant materials through precision agricultural technology. High-value-added medicinal crops must be used as raw materials, so they must meet all three types of supply as well as high quality and uniformity, but they are suffering from the lack of customized production technologies and solutions.

AG-Uni aims to contribute to the healthy human life by developing a customized technology and establishing a stable agricultural life industry ecosystem as a provider that provides customized supply through customized production. Agriculture, Human Life Agriculture, which leads to opportunities for the life industry, not just agriculture that we are familiar with, is led by AG-Uni.

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