Sustainable Agri-tech Startup Vitæ Launches Crowdfunding Campaign for Its 100% Autonomous Home Smart Gardening System

The British company’s Vitæ Halo is an innovative indoor herb garden that allows you to grow fresh and organic plants directly from the comfort of your home

London, UK — 12 October 2022 — Vitæ, the award-winning company that aims to reinvent urban agriculture, is launching the Vitæ Halo, an innovative indoor herb garden that grows fresh, tasteful herbs whenever or wherever you need them. The British company, founded in 2020, offers a product made from 100% bio plastic, that uses 90% less water than soil-based agriculture, with 100% organic seeds and nutrients. With the Vitæ Halo Indoor Garden, Vitæ makes growing your own food easier, more sustainable, entirely autonomous, and unlike traditional gardening. The company is launching an IndieGogo campaign on 31st October 2022, with the goal to build bigger and more refined units which can be used domestically and commercially in urban spaces.

Vitæ was built with the dream that people should be able to access fresh and tasteful food, no matter where they are based and how much space they have. The Vitæ Halo Indoor Garden is Vitæ's first system in a movement to reinvent urban agriculture. The system is made from bio-plastics from trusted UK partners. Thanks to its crowdfunding campaign, Vitæ will have urban shops allowing customers to buy pre-grown herbs which they can use in their home smart garden, and continue to have fresh herbs that do not spoil, avoiding food waste.

The company was founded by Isaac Conrad McNamara and Arthur Georges, two King's College London alumni and entrepreneurial-minded individuals with a passion for innovation and sustainability. Vitæ was inspired by their shared dream to change the status quo, and make the world a better place. Their mission is to bridge the gap between business and green impact, create ventures that are doing well by doing good, and encourage a lifestyle that adheres to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Vitæ's system the Vitæ Halo is simple and easy to use: Users only need to place Smart Seeds in their pods, add water, flip the switch and wait for a variety of different flavourful herbs to grow. Encased in Rockwool, these seeds are pre-germinated for two weeks and are provided with the perfect level of natural nutrients to enhance and extend the life of the herbs. The system comes with a complimentary set of 5 plant pods of your choice, with more than 10 different plant varieties to choose from with new ones being added every month.

With Vitæ, you can grow your own organic herbs in your kitchen no matter where or what time of year, the easy way. Herbs grown in the Vitæ Halo have a 30% richer taste and 40% higher nutritional value, and are 100% natural (no pesticides, no GMO), and 100% autonomous.

"We want to remove the gap between farm and table by providing localised agricultural capability on a domestic, commercial and industrial scale," says Isaac Conrad McNamara, co-founder and COO of Vitæ. "This includes soil removal in agriculture, vertical farming, smaller scale units, education, and bioplastic production."

Vitæ, formerly known as HydroGrow, has the ambition to provide households with the best smart gardens in the market, and to reinvent agriculture in order to make it more innovative, more inclusive, and more sustainable. The new name, logo and visual identity embody the company's same values of innovation, sustainability and accessibility, as well as its boldness, dynamism and purpose.

"Vitæ was born from the idea that agriculture shouldn't be destroying the environment, but sadly it is currently the second most polluting industry in the world, and the most water consuming," says Arthur Georges, co-founder and CBO of Vitæ. "To help fix this, we wanted everyone to be able to easily grow organic food at home, even if they lived in crowded city centres or are not a green thumb."

Upon its launch, Vitæ has chosen to engage with customers looking for new products through its upcoming crowdfunding campaign, which is set to debut on 31st October 2022 on Indiegogo with a set target of £40,000.

For more information about Vitæ, support the crowdfunding campaign, or register your interest for the Vitæ Halo, visit

About Vitæ
Vitæ is a British award-winning company that aims to reinvent urban agriculture with simple, easy-to-use Smart Gardens. Founded by King's College London alumni Isaac Conrad McNamara and Arthur Georges in 2020, Vitæ is leading the way for sustainable urban agriculture, starting with your kitchen. In 2022, Vitæ has launched the Vitæ Halo, an innovative high-tech indoor herb garden that allows you to grow fresh, tasteful herbs directly from the comfort of your home, with next to no effort, no matter where you live or what time of the year. Vitæ's crowdfunding campaign is currently running on IndieGogo. For more information about Vitæ, support the campaign or register your interest, visit

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