CODA Farm Technologies Announces Remote Monitoring & Control with A Smartphone for Any Irrigation Pump through Its FarmHQ® System

-Company’s FarmHQ Cellular Device and Smartphone App Add Remote Monitoring and Control to Any Electric or Combustion-Powered Irrigation Pump -Farms Can Upgrade Existing Equipment with One Simple Installation to Watch and Control Their Equipment from Anywhere

SKAGIT VALLEY, WA - Agricultural irrigation company CODA Farm Technologies ( today announced remote monitoring and control for any irrigation pump through its FarmHQ system, allowing farmers and their crews to watch and control their pumps from anywhere on their smartphone. CODA's FarmHQ cellular device and web or smartphone app add new features to any electric or combustion-powered irrigation pump.

A universal retrofit option, FarmHQ also provides remote monitoring for irrigation reels, letting users of irrigation reels and pumps upgrade their irrigation equipment with one simple installation and put them on the same monitoring and control system, providing significant financial savings and less stress.

FarmHQ works anywhere a smartphone does and can be installed on any electric or diesel pump powering any kind of irrigation system, including drip, center pivot, linear, side roll, solid set, soft hose travelers, and hard-hose reels.

FarmHQ is being used on farms in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

FarmHQ devices are currently available to farms across North America for direct purchase and via CODA's network of irrigation equipment dealer partners. To learn more and receive a quote, visit:

"Farmers around the world are looking for practical, cost-effective ways to turn their existing pumps into smart pumps. There is a demand for simple solutions that improve their farm's bottom lines and simplify the day-to-day work for them and their team. We are ready to provide farmers that easy option to watch and control their pumps in real-time from their phone - without overly complex tools that just aren't usable," said David Wallace, CEO of CODA Farm Technologies and a third-generation potato grower from Washington State. "We are excited to provide farms with this practical approach to upgrading their irrigation pumps and reels for lower costs and less stress."

FarmHQ for irrigation pumps includes:
• A small cellular device and sensor kit that can be installed on any electric or combustion-powered pump;
• The FarmHQ app, which is available from any smartphone or computer, and allows customers to monitor and control their pumps from anywhere in the world.

FarmHQ provides farmers with new ways to control their pumps, including:
• From their phone, tablet, or computer via the FarmHQ app;
• In response to signals from other FarmHQ devices via custom automations; and
• Based on a timer or schedule set in the FarmHQ app.

For electric, submersible pumps that do not need to be primed, FarmHQ's dry contact can act as an enable or start/stop circuit, allowing remote start and stop functionality.
For combustion-powered pumps and electric pumps that need to be primed, FarmHQ provides safe remote stop/shutdown.
FarmHQ provides customers a way to monitor and record a variety of signals for their pumps, including:
• Pressure (pressure transducer provided with installation kit)
• Flow-rate, which can be integrated with any pulse-output flow meter
• Switch monitoring, which is compatible with any external dry contact
• GPS location
• Seting thresholds for any sensor to get real-time text alerts to their phone

In July, CODA unveiled its new, third-generation FarmHQ® retrofit cellular device for remote monitoring and control for hard-hose irrigation reels and pumps. The device features:

• Enhanced cellular connectivity for even better performance in rural areas;
• An integrated backup battery that can provide users notifications if an external power source ever fails;
• Waterproofing for long-term durability over multiple irrigation seasons; and,
• An easy magnetic mounting option for even more simplified installation by farmers in under an hour.

About CODA Farm Technologies and Its FarmHQ System for Hard-Hose Sprinkler Reels and Pumps
Founded by third-generation farmers from Washington State, CODA Farm Technologies is a growing agricultural technology company bringing cloud-based remote monitoring and control to agricultural irrigation. Its first product, the FarmHQ platform, lets farmers use their smartphone and an easy-to-install device to remotely monitor and control irrigation reels and pumps in real time to save money and stress. A universal retrofit, it can be easily installed by the farmer on equipment of any make, model of existing irrigation equipment. FarmHQ is currently being used on farms in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. To learn more, visit

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