A Partnership Built to Optimize Irrigation Strategies

Ceres will use Soiltech Wireless technology to deliver unique water optimization and irrigation insights to their customers.

OAKLAND, Calif. — Aug 25, 2022 — Ceres Imaging today announced a long-term partnership with Soiltech Wireless under which Soiltech Wireless will deliver critical enabling technology for the Ceres platform which helps farmers build more profitable and sustainable operations.

Ceres will use Soiltech Wireless technology to deliver unique water optimization and irrigation insights to their customers.

Powered by high-resolution aerial imagery and advanced analytics, the Ceres platform is built to optimize irrigation strategies, improve crop health, and enhance profitability for farms.

"We are excited to partner with Ceres to continue to build a powerful suite of imagery solutions to help customers cover more ground, make the most of resources, and focus time and attention where it is most needed," said Ehsan Soltan, CEO of Soiltech Wireless. "Similarly, our team at Soiltech Wireless has repeatedly demonstrated that farmer success is the keystone to unlocking economic value throughout the agricultural supply chain and enabling the enhancement of economic drivers from seed to shelf. We are proud to be teamed with Ceres to deliver value for growers."

Soiltech Wireless works with hundreds of farmers across the country and some of the biggest brands in the industry, serving as the leader in remote crop monitoring and traceability from field to transport and storage.

Ceres Imaging delivers precision agriculture solutions that help improve profitability across farm operations. Their team of experts provides dedicated support to help put data to work—before, during, and after the season, maximizing return on every acre.

This integration will also help to provide context for aerial imagery through holistic field intelligence and consolidate the number of apps growers need in order to access critical business insights.

"The integration with Soiltech Wireless will help improve the grower experience, increase sustainability and help protect farm profits," said Ashwin Madgavkar, Founder at Ceres Imaging.


About Soiltech
Soiltech Wireless develops products that help improve crop production by providing real-time data and insights through wireless monitoring. The Soiltech solution provides value across an entire crop production cycle (growth, harvest, transport, storage). Its unique wireless sensor design travels with a crop from soil to storage, and its comprehensive cloud platform and services turn data into actionable insights. Learn more at soiltechwireless.com.

About Ceres Imaging
At Ceres Imaging, we believe the future of agriculture depends on providing farmers with the right tools—to cover more ground, make the most of their resources, and apply their skill and experience where it's needed most. That's why we're building precision agriculture solutions that help farmers reduce risk while building more profitable and more sustainable operations. By combining in field sensors with advanced analytics and high-resolution imagery, we provide the full picture of crop health. For more information, visit ceresimaging.net.

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