Cultivatd - Takes On Mushroom Farming Pilot Project

Cultivatd's Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS) Team working with Adapt Agtech (AdaptAg) to pilot operations for their new gourmet mushroom container farms.


Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Cultivatd works with Adapt Agtech to pilot operations for their new gourmet mushroom containers.

— Cultivatd Inc, announces they are working with Adapt Agtech (Adapt Ag) to start production and develop operational processes for their gourmet mushroom container farms in Ottawa and Toronto.

Adapt Ag is a new indoor agtech company based out of Ottawa, ON. Focused on designing and supplying off-grid container farms to produce gourmet mushrooms, the company is making waves towards hyper-local food production across North America. With the ability to grow 14 different strains of mushrooms, with 3-4 strains per container using substrate blocks, Adapt Ag has created an easy-to-use, efficient and sustainable container system to encourage more people to join the urban agriculture movement.

The Director of Farming as a Service (FaaS) at Cultivatd, Erika Parente, commented on the new operations partnership "we are super excited to be working with Adapt Ag on this pilot project. Operations is at the core of what we do with FaaS, and so we are grateful for the opportunity to apply this knowledge and expertise in a container environment with gourmet mushrooms."

Cultivatd's primary focus for the pilot project is to start mushroom production in both Ottawa and Toronto, identify opportunities for improvement and to develop operational procedures and training materials for future farm operators. "Since the containers have both solar and grid capability, it's important that we understand the overall ability of the container on both settings to ensure we equip all operators with the right information and training to run the container properly," explained Cody Bourget, Director of Farming Operations at Cultivatd.

In the words of Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer, Rob Imbeault, "Adapt Ag exists to advance access to sustainable food, enabling small growers to expand their business and feed their communities." With a shared vision for greater food security and sustainability within local communities, Adapt Agtech and Cultivatd hope to reduce the operational barrier of entry for new indoor farmers and equip them with the knowledge, tools and support to be successful in any city, town or small community.

Cultivatd is an AgTech brokerage company, leveraging its years of experience in the indoor farming industry to assess needs and recommend the best solution for a clients' budget, growing type, location, and knowledge.

The company offers Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS), where they deploy farmers to your location, general consulting services through a network of vertical farming experts throughout the world, and capital funding. Cultivatd helps clients get into the vertical farming space by guiding them through the process of selecting the proper technology solution for their needs.

Eric Levesque
Managing Partner

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