GrowSpan Builds Arkansas’s Fifth Medical Marijuana Cultivation Facility

GrowSpan has played a major role in the expansion of cannabis grow facilities. The company recently finished a project in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

In Hot Springs, Arkansas, GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures recently finished construction on an impressive greenhouse, which will serve as one of just five medical marijuana cultivation facilities based in the state. The 240' x 160' high-tech structure is comprised of 10 gutter-connected bays and will offer over 38,000 sq. ft. of growing space.

"GrowSpan is honored to be a part of one of the first five cultivation facilities in Arkansas," said Rebecca Alicea, Greenhouse Sales Manager for GrowSpan. "This greenhouse is a state-of-the-art facility that was designed by our knowledgeable greenhouse designers based on feedback from our customer's head grower."

With customizable climate controls, the operation will be able to ensure growing conditions are optimal at all times, helping them improve the quality of their cannabis harvests. The state-of-the-art blackout curtain system provides complete photoperiod control, while the custom odor mitigation system allows them to conform to local and state ordinances.

"GrowSpan helps its customers overcome any of their challenges with our unique and customizable solutions tailored specifically to each project," continued Alicea. "We can provide solutions for odor mitigation, custom engineering for local building code compliance, insulation and specialized lights and heaters for energy code compliance, fire doors and screening for fire code compliance and light pollution blocking for local light ordinances."

In addition to meeting a variety of codes and regulations, GrowSpan can help ensure operations are always prepared for future expansion. As a part of GrowSpan's one-stop shopping experience, customers benefit from a production space that can grow in accordance with their business, as well as invaluable advice from their GrowSpan Greenhouse Specialist.

"Keeping future expansion in mind, we are able to front-load design work in the initial sale and design to ensure our customer has an efficient, state-of-the-art facility now and through planned future expansions," said Alicea.

As the industry continues to grow within the state of Arkansas, GrowSpan hopes to further its impact on the market with high-quality greenhouses that set the standard for cannabis production.

"We are committed to designing tailored structures perfect for any climate and growing method and look forward to working with other cultivators in Arkansas as the market expands," said Alicea.

GrowSpan Greenhouse Structures is dedicated to providing premium greenhouses and growing solutions to the cannabis industry. With a team of experienced growers and greenhouse designers on-staff, customers are assisted throughout the entire purchasing process, ensuring they get the structure that suits all of their business and growing needs.

For more information on GrowSpan's innovative solutions for cannabis cultivation, visit or call 877.835.9996.

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