Moleaer Expands Nanobubble Generator Portfolio with the Introduction of Lotus™ for Agriculture and Horticulture

- Designed for micro-growers and horticultural enthusiasts to improve irrigation water quality and plant health - Lotus™ Showcased in the U.S. for the first time at Cultivate’22, Hosted by AmericanHort

July 20, 2022 (Carson, CA.) — Over the weekend, Moleaer, the global leader in nanobubble technology, made its U.S. debut of Lotus™, the newest addition to its nanobubble generator product suite. The patented nanobubble system joins in good company with Moleaer's other nanobubble generator products, which are used globally by over 500 growers and farmers. Lotus is designed to treat and optimize irrigation water, promote plant growth and reduce water and chemical usage. It's ideal for indoor growing facilities that use up to 200 LED grow lights and use less than 1,000 gallons of water per day. Moleaer's nanobubble systems utilize a highly efficient gas-injection technology that converts bulk oxygen into nanobubbles and supersaturates irrigation water with elevated levels of dissolved oxygen, leading to healthier and more robust crops. Nanobubbles also act as a mild, chemical-free oxidant, which helps reduce biofilm, algae, and pathogens. Along with increased crop health and growth, comes increased yields, leading to higher revenues for greenhouses and indoor farms.

Nick Dyner, CEO of Moleaer, said: "Moleaer's nanobubble systems are addressing our planet's water quality and scarcity problems by making water do more with less, without added chemicals, while simultaneously improving profitability for growers. With this launch, we are meeting the needs of an important clientele: micro-growers and horticulture devotees, by helping them make the most of their growing operations."

The Lotus™ nanobubble generator delivers the following benefits: increases plant potency, boosts plant vigor and performance from early growth to flushing, improves plant resilience to environmental stressors, promotes beneficial bacteria while suppressing disease caused by pathogens, increases nutrient uptake efficiency, reduces biofilm and improves irrigation system hygiene, decreases the need for chemical and pesticide applications and reduces water use through increased water uptake efficiency and improving crop yields.

The Lotus™ nanobubble generator made its U.S. debut at Cultivate'22 - the premier event for the green industry, taking place in Columbus, OH from July 16-19. Hosted by AmericanHort, the leading national association for the green industry, Cultivate'22 welcomed greenhouse and nursery growers, retailers, distributors, interior and exterior landscapers, florists, and more. Cultivate is known to attract thousands of industry professionals and visitors from all 50 states and over 40 countries.

About Moleaer
Moleaer™ is the global leader in nanobubble technology with a mission to do more using less water. By deploying the power of nanobubbles, the company enhances and improves the performance and productivity of many of the world's most critical industrial processes. Its proprietary nanobubble technology unlocks the power of water to help farmers grow more food, empowers businesses to manage water more effectively and efficiently, and restores aquatic ecosystems sustainably without chemicals.

Moleaer has deployed more than 1,500 nanobubble generator installations in more than 30 countries. The generators inject nanobubbles ― 2,500 times smaller than a grain of salt ― that supersaturate water with oxygen or other gases, form mild oxidants for disinfection, and increase water's ability to permeate soil and rock. Moleaer's patented nanobubble technology provides the highest oxygen transfer rate in the industry at >85%, and is a cost-effective, chemical-free solution proven to increase sustainable food production through better plant health and heat tolerance, reduce the use of chemicals across water-based industrial processes including the food value chain, restore aquatic ecosystems, and improve natural resource recovery.

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