Daniel Penn, former 30 under 30 award winner, and co-founder of Tickit Health joins Cultivatd to drive Strategic Growth.


Cornwall, Ontario, Canada

Cultivatd is working with startup growth advisor, Daniel Penn, to lead its strategic growth plans.

— Cultivatd Inc, announces they have hired former Forbes 30 Under 30 award winner, Daniel Penn to lead their strategic growth.

Daniel brings a wealth of experience with early stage companies. In 2012, Daniel co-founded his first company, Tickit Health, which he grew from 2 to 20 employees, while bringing on key clients like B.C.'s Providence Health Care, Boston Children's Hospital and the San Francisco Public Health Department. An entrepreneur at heart, Daniel continues to seek new solution oriented opportunities across unique industries.

Adding to his repertoire, Daniel has also worked in senior leadership roles for companies like Terramera and Hekate. As the Head of Business Development for Terramera, Daniel developed a new business model for the company that focused on regenerative agriculture and helped the company raise + 10M to support this new direction. Daniel recently left his role as CEO for Hekate where he supported the company's growth as the first mushroom supplement company geared for professional athletes.

Through these diverse experiences, Daniel has discovered his niche is in working with companies on early stage development. Daniel pointed out, "the first few years are the most critical for a new company. It's imperative they grow fast, but they also need to spend the time to determine which direction is best for them to grow."

Daniel has been able to leverage learnings from his own and other young companies across industries in order to help new businesses, like Cultivatd, with their own growth plans. "I'm looking forward to helping Cultivatd define which direction they want to grow and help them raise the funds to get there."

Daniel is also excited to get back into the food industry! Having studied Food Science at the University of Copenhagen and written three cookbooks, quality food has always played an important role in Daniel's life. " I want my kids and grandkids to have access to clean and responsibly grown produce - indoor farming will play a major role in that future."- Daniel Penn

"We're really excited about the strategic experience and leadership that Daniel will bring to Cultivatd" says Cultivatd Managing Partner Eric Levesque - "The value he brings will be monumental in making vertical farming accessible to all."

Cultivatd is an AgTech brokerage company, leveraging its years of experience in the indoor farming industry to assess needs and recommend the best solution for a clients' budget, growing type, location, and knowledge.

The company offers Farming-as-a-Service (FaaS), where they deploy farmers to your location, general consulting services through a network of vertical farming experts throughout the world, and capital funding. Cultivatd helps clients get into the vertical farming space by guiding them through the process of selecting the proper technology solution for their needs.

Eric Levesque
Managing Partner

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